• X-Plane 12 Announced

    X-Plane 12 Announced

    X-Plane 12 Announcement Keynote

    Join the developers of X-Plane in exploring the new features under development in X-Plane 12.

    The 31 minute keynote mentions many new features found in X-Plane 12, such as:

    • Seasons
    • 3D water
    • New clouds
    • Enhanced weather effects
    • New ambient sounds, such as, wind, traffic noise, birds, rain, airport traffic (both ground vehicles and aircraft)

    And much more...

    1. AlyMac's Avatar
      AlyMac -
      Just when i was about to buy MSFS ! This looks fabulous. I wonder how much PC power will be needed above what is presently used by XP-11.
    1. daspinall's Avatar
      daspinall -
      I will keep an eye on this, for me MSFS2020 lack of attention to scenery details lets it down and has not been fixed since the release! sure they have tinkered with it but still, off the top of my head, waterlines are still hit and miss scenery looks like crumpled up sweet wrapping paper in VFR roads that climb up mountains (Mount Fuji) clouds that still look cartoonish..... for me the magic is in the detail and MSFS fails in that department! and it's been out a year now!! ASOBO have created a Citroën Dyane I was exspecting a Citroën D5!!!!
    1. sky44's Avatar
      sky44 -
      Sounds Great, not the Toy MSFS is.....
    1. Rapelas's Avatar
      Rapelas -
      What about the AI?
    1. btwallis's Avatar
      btwallis -
      Excellent! Great gains. This along with ortho scenery either freeware or payware or as some have payware global scenery upgrades makes this a winner.

      I "hope" to see farm depiction upgraded, ie silos, farm houses, and general 3d character of farming areas which do cover vast areas on any sim.
    1. jrdale210's Avatar
      jrdale210 -
      Oh no do I have to buy a whole new Mac now!! I am going to go broke with flightsims and after quitting buying real planes I thought I would be wealthy!!!
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