• VSKYLABS Demonstrates C-47 Under Stress

    VSKYLABS Demonstrates C-47 Under Stress

    Stressing out the VSKYLABS C-47 Skytrain Flying Lab Project v4.0 for X-Plane by Laminar Research (Coming Soon!).

    When trying to abuse the aircraft, it will react, and will challenge you. Over-stressing the air-frame will result with loss of flying surfaces and other stuff. The VSKYLABS C-47 will allow you to practice your flying skills in various situation, intentional and unintentional.

    The crashed aircraft seen in two of the screen shots lost its rudder and LH aileron during abusive maneuver and was brought down to landing with the use of asymmetric power management.

    VSKYLABS Demonstrates C-47 Under Stress

    VSKYLABS Demonstrates C-47 Under Stress

    Speed could not be reduced to normal landing speed due to loss of stability, and the landing impact was with a significant slip angle on the verge of transitioning into an uncontrolled spiral, while the opposite engine was running in full power, trying to compensate.

    Right after the impact, the aircraft drifted sideways. The two main landing gears collapsed and both tires were ripped off during the process. However, X-Plane did not indicate the landing as a crash. It was quite of a good landing! ...considering...

    The rest of the screen shots shows various situations...a blown tire during a touch-and-go trial with the use of excessive braking, and extreme icing visualization during anti-icing/de-ice systems checkup.

    VSKYLABS Demonstrates C-47 Under Stress

    Stay tuned for more v4.0 exciting stuff! Update release will be initiated right after the completion of the required manual/POH updating...matters of days.


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