• MSFS Development Update September 23, 2021

    MSFS Development Update September 23, 2021

    It's officially fall in the Northern Hemisphere! Stay tuned for our next live Development Q&A on September 29th at 10:30am PT at twitch.tv/MSFSofficial.

    SDK Update


    As we announced last week, we've prepared a list of things you'll need to check before Sim Update VI if you've been creating visual effects with the Visual Effects Editor Beta. They are all listed in a sticky article on top of your DevSupport platform: https://devsupport.flightsimulator.com.

    Dev Mode

    • We added a new feature to the Statistic Profiler, to add new LOD limits related statistics. In a few months, we will communicate the change of behavior related to LODs.
    • We changed the behavior of the DevMode windows. By default, they are transparent when floating and opaque when docked on the sides of the screen. And you can decide via an option in the DevMode menu to have them "Always opaque", "Always transparent", or "By default" as described previously described.

    Project Editor

    • We fixed a crash that could happen when cleaning an already clean package.
    • We added a "Save as" action.
    • We added an auto-save function on project/package/asset group creation.

    Scenery Editor

    • We added tiling, rotation, coloration, falloff and opacity for materials applied to polygons.
    • We added flipUV and offsetUV for aprons.
    • We added the edition of car parking.
    • We fixed a bug on projected meshes. They can now be selected by clicking on them in the viewport.
    • We fixed the culling of polygons.
    • We fixed a bug which made some items of an airport look pink when far away.
    • We fixed the SimObject bounding box (not 100% perfect yet but better).
    • We fixed the ground merging parameters when the airport is between two tiles.
    • We fixed the runway that didn't exclude the buildings.
    • We removed the Color Extractor as it didn't work and we don't currently have plans to improve it.

    Script Editor

    • We fixed the SimObject window.
    • We fixed the fact that the editor wouldn't close when a modification hadn't been saved.

    Visual Effects Editor

    • We removed "Data" and "Edition" tabs in the node graph inspector. Instead, we now always display regular data as edition data does not contain anything worth displaying after unused Enabled and Visible options have been removed.
    • We removed "Adda€_" drag and drop button to create new ObjectReferences in node graphs.
    • We now prevent the creation of links in the node graph from the output of a node to the input of an upstream node.


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