• TopSkills Releases Using Autopilot Videos For MSFS 2020

    TopSkills Releases Using Autopilot Videos For MSFS 2020

    All New Tutorial Videos For Microsoft Flight Simulator

    Two all-new videos for Microsoft Flight Simulator™ 2020 have been released by TopSkills.

    Using Autopilot in MSFS 2020 explains in detail how to rely on this important device through all significant flight phases, starting with preflight and ending at landing. One video is dedicated to propeller aircraft, and a distinct video focuses on jet aircraft.

    Flight simmers will learn how to prepare their autopilots for flight, when to engage their autopilots, and how to use them through all flight phases. The videos explain initial climb, climbing to cruise, cruising, descending, following instrument approaches, and final approach. Users will learn three techniques for maintaining heading and three for climbing and descending. The videos also cover special uses such as back courses, offset localizers, yaw dampers, and half banks. Auto-throttles, which operate separately from autopilots, are additionally explained.

    Both videos are thoroughly researched, deliberately scripted, clearly narrated, and independently verified for accuracy. In popular MP4 format, they are viewable on major video players.

    The packages contain four bonus items including complete transcripts of the respective videos and lists of autopilot keyboard shortcuts in MSFS 2020.

    "These videos use Microsoft Flight Simulator because it is popular,” says author and host Bill Stack. “The principles and methods can be applied to other simulators.">

    TopSkills has been producing quality self-learning materials for home flight simulation since 1997.

    Purchase TopSkills - Simming On Autopilot In Propeller Aircraft For MSFS 2020
    Purchase TopSkills - Simming On Autopilot In Jets For MSFS 2020
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      Or you can learn so much more for free on Youtube, including from real pilots.
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