• Rolling Cumulus - Max Rex Expedition: Maya Temple Of Gold

    Rolling Cumulus - Max Rex Expedition: Maya Temple Of Gold

    Welcome pilots! My name is Max Rex and I fly all over the world in expeditions, bush trips, missions and flights. If you join me you will embark on one of my most interesting expeditions I have had in a long time. A pretty girl scientist from Rome will join me for she is the one who has the Maya Scrolls which are supposed to tell where this Mystery City is located. You will help me with flying since we will be away in the jungles of Guatemala, Belize and Mexico.

    Rolling Cumulus - Max Rex Expedition: Maya Temple Of Gold

    Let's be clear, this is not a regular MSFS bush trip but you will still have to land at bush airstrips. You will have to make choices where to fly as well as follow routes which confidants tell us, like Dr. Efucious who lives in some outpost in Belize which we will have to look for. Then we will get some information from a guy in Chetumal, Mexico who does not want to show his face; we'll wait for his phone call.

    So, Amigo join me in Guatemala City where it all starts and we'll fly into the Mayan realm, one of the greatest civilization of the planet Earth! (Oh, we'll communicate by voice all during the flights).

    Rolling Cumulus - Max Rex Expedition: Maya Temple Of Gold


    • New way of communicating by Max, Laura and you (sound)
    • You will meet characters who will make your flying most interesting
    • Weather will not be very kind
    • Stops in grass and dirt near Mayan ruins
    • Fly with your watch and the seat of your pants, no radio aids around the Mayan world
    • Easy to follow instructions that will get you to your destinations
    • Optimized for great visual quality and performance
    • You must land at the indicated "normal" airports to end the expedition with success
    • Flights can be followed in several freeware moving maps
    • Fly using only your compass for exciting and real to life situations
    • Listen to instructions from Max and Laura

    Rolling Cumulus - Max Rex Expedition: Maya Temple Of Gold

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