• IndiaFoxtEcho Reports Long-EZ Issues With MSFS 2020 Update

    IndiaFoxtEcho Long-EZ

    Problems with Long-EZ in MSFS 1.18.14 .0?

    We have received a (small) number of emails from users of the Long-EZ who seem to have no pitch authority on the Long-EZ - and are unable to operate the plane (both with Long-EZ 1.18 and 1.19) and even take off.

    This is weird as we cannot replicate the issue - the plane works fine on our end and we cannot identify a root cause.

    Things we have thought of:

    • Control sensitivity (too low or too high*)
    • Unintentional activation of autopilot
    • Unintentional activation of flight assists
    • Selection of the "Legacy" flight model

    All of these have been ruled out by those users.

    Note that the Long-EZ (like all of planes for MSFS) is designed and tested for usage MODERN flight model and with maximum realism.

    Please let us know if you are having issues with the Long-EZ after Sim Update 5.

    * As a note, if you pull too hard on the stick, you can "stall" the canard without stalling the wing... resulting in a nose drop.


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    1. donovanb's Avatar
      donovanb -
      I flew the Long-EZ last night with no problems. Flew just using keyboard and mouse as I was to lazy to hook up my Alpha and Bravo.
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