• FlightSimulator.me - Ingamepanels Pack For MSFS Expanded

    Rafael Santos - Ingamepanels Pack 8in1 for MSFS

    Developer Rafael Santos announces an expansion to his panels collection for Microsoft Flight. With the addition of a new descent calculator it now becomes Ingamepanels 8in1 Pack For MSFS The pack includes other handy features like a METAR viewer, navmap, PDF viewer, Oculus VR panel and more.

    The full list of panels includes:

    • IVAO VATSIM MAP v1.3
    • METAR Viewer v1.4
    • VFRMap Enhanced v1.7
    • Oculus VR Panel v1.1
    • Ingamepanel NAVMAP v1.4
    • CANVAS v1.0
    • Ingamepanel PDF Viewer v1.2
    • Descent Calculator v1.1

    Same price: $10.

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