• Flysimware - Grumman G44A Widgeon for MSFS

    Flysimware - Grumman G44A Widgeon for MSFS

    The G-44A is an American high-wing, twin-engine, amphibious light aircraft produced by the Grumman Aerospace Corporation in the late 1930s. Grumman envisioned a smaller version of its G-21 Goose, which had proven successful as a business transport aircraft. Called the Widgeon, the prototype of the aircraft first flew in July of 1940, intended for the civil market.

    World War II intervened, however, and the production aircraft entered service for the militaries of the United States and Britain. At the end of the conflict, Grumman revisited the civilian concept for the airframe and released the G-44A Widgeon. The G-44A, with seating for six including the pilot, quickly became well-known as a reliable, durable machine eminently capable of operation from both land and water, notably in austere and remote areas like those of Alaska.

    Flysimware - Grumman G44A Widgeon for MSFS

    The Widgeon is driven by two wing-mounted Ranger 6-440-C5 six-cylinder engines that each produce 200 horsepower. The airplane has a maximum speed of 160 miles per hour, a climb rate of 1,750 feet per minute, and a ceiling of 18,000 feet above sea level.

    A classic gem in the history of aviation, the Grumman G-44A Widgeon allows pilots to access the sky from either land or water, and do so confidently. From inside the cockpit of the burly machine, aviators can launch into the heights from a modern airport, then touch down on a river deep in the backcountry, then leap again into the air from the shore. A go-anywhere craft, the Widgeon provides one of the rarest opportunities to be found in the world of aviation, one that combines piloting with exploration.

    Flysimware - Grumman G44A Widgeon for MSFS

    The Widgeon was originally designed for the civil market. It is smaller but otherwise similar to Grumman's earlier G-21 Goose, and was produced from 1941 to 1955. The aircraft was used during World War II as a small patrol and utility machine by the United States Navy, US Coast Guard and by the Royal Navy's Fleet Air Arm.

    The first prototype flew in 1940, and the first production aircraft went to the United States Navy as an anti-submarine aircraft. In total, 276 were built by Grumman, including 176 for the military. During World War II, they served with the US Navy, Coast Guard, Civil Air Patrol and Army Air Force, as well as with the British Royal Navy, who gave it the service name Gosling.

    Flysimware - Grumman G44A Widgeon for MSFS

    Flysimware Information

    Almost all parts animated throughout the interior model. With custom coding we have accurate systems down to the smallest details. We have included Flysimware's GNS 530. Includes a popup windows for a service hangar, aircraft options, startup procedures and a live payload manager. This is Flysimware's first model that was developed with 3DS MAX giving you full AO effects on all 3D parts. Flysimware keeps improving the quality and overall systems for each project.

    Flysimware - Grumman G44A Widgeon for MSFS


    • Real World operational
    • Realistic flight dynamics
    • 4K full PBR textures
    • Interactive environment sounds produced through Wwise
    • Custom coding for real World gauges and animations
    • Garmin GTX327 / Garmin GMA 340 / Garmin GNS 530
    • Bendix ADF KR 87 / Bendix DME KN 62A
    • High quality pilots
    • Windshield rain visuals
    • Full exterior icing visuals
    • Parking mode / chocks / Tie Downs / Engine Plugs
    • Full custom coded checklist with interactive copilot


    • Custom engine sound set
    • Interactive environment sounds produced through Wwise

    Flysimware - Grumman G44A Widgeon for MSFS

    Paint Themes

    • U.S. Navy V202 - Military
    • U.S. Coast Guard V203 - Military
    • U.S. Rescue - Military
    • Italian Navy N141R - Military
    • N24475 - Civilian

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    1. sky44's Avatar
      sky44 -
      As soon as it starts the takeoff it start "tumbling" all over the runway then it goes wild into the Wild blue yonder to the stratosphere, unable to fly this plane no matter what !!! and now with the new MSFS update it got worse....
    1. JohnnyJohnJohn's Avatar
      JohnnyJohnJohn -
      Try contacting Flysimware about it. Or under assistance, try assisted take off and see if that helps. If not, see latter suggestion.
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