• PMDG Issues Statement On Latest MSFS Update


    Later today, it is expected that Microsoft is going to drop a major product update for their flagship Microsoft Flight Simulator product line. Many of you are already well aware that they have been advertising this update for its performance improvements and because it will be made available to XBox users via Microsoft GamePass.

    This NOTAM is to let you know that this update for MSFS contains a vast number of breaking changes that break the compatibility with all previous builds of the PMDG DC-6 up to and including the current, stable 2.00.0032 build that all of you are currently enjoying.

    During the day on Tuesday, 27JUL21, we will roll out an update for the DC-6 that will bring the product up to compliance with changes in Microsoft Flight Simulator and this will allow you to continue using the product with little-to-no disruption.

    We will have a longer update to discuss the howzits and whatsits of this update later in the day on Tuesday, but we want you all to know that the update is prepped and ready and will go live once we know for certain that the Microsoft Flight Simulator Performance Plus update is safely in wide distribution.

    This is really a first for us, in that we are essentially updating our product for you in real time with a major platform change. We have never done this before, so please do understand that we are going to hesitate a beat or two to ensure the MSFS release is really and truly rolling out globally before we turn our update on, as this update will break compatibility between the PMDG DC-6 and the older version of MSFS so we want to be certain we are in phase with the platform.

    We appreciate your patience during that brief lag-time-overlap, but keep an eye here and we will let you know where-and-how the moment the update is available for you.

    Thank you all-we will talk with you again a bit later on Tuesday!


    Tags: dc-6, pmdg

    1. stretch's Avatar
      stretch -
      This is exactly why I am not using this sim or writing audio for it. Too many updates!
    1. Affenmann's Avatar
      Affenmann -
      Quote Originally Posted by stretch View Post
      This is exactly why I am not using this sim or writing audio for it. Too many updates!
      So - enjoy your stone age sim.
    1. stans's Avatar
      stans -
      Yep, I'm not going to pay to be a beta tester either.
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