• Review: A2A Simulations - Accu-Sim Spitfire MKI-II

    Accu-Sim Spitfire MKI-II

    Publisher: A2A Simulations

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    Alex Dickinson

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    A2A Simulations Spitfire for Prepar3D


    How can you introduce an aircraft like the Spitfire? What can be said about this iconic aircraft that has not already been said?

    This famous airframe designed in 1936 was intended to replace the Royal Air Force's ageing biplane fleet. Used extensively throughout World War 2, it was the only fighter to be in continuous production throughout the conflict. The Spitfire, renowned for its incredible handling, has been forever loved by its pilots and naturally feared by its enemy. During the Battle of Britain, German ace Adolf Galland apparently even told Hermann Goering that he wanted a squadron of them.

    Originally part of their Wings of Power series, the Spitfire (as well as a few other famous WW2 aircraft) are now available on P3D V4, and V5.

    A2A Simulations Spitfire for Prepar3D     A2A Simulations Spitfire for Prepar3D


    Installation was quick and simple and is something I have come to expect from A2A having owned quite a number of their models throughout the years.


    The 'Pilot's manual' discusses the aircraft's history as well as flying procedures. This was incredible in-depth at 100 pages long. The format was clear but also simplified in places so that it was very easy to reference pieces of data quickly. I also liked how the text style used and general format was that of the period. This gave the feeling of actually reading a real vintage Spitfire manual.

    The second manual is called the 'Accu-sim manual', and I found this to be more of a technical piece as it contained an enormous amount of detail about how the aircraft worked in the sim. It had lots of diagrams, pictures, and even how Accu-sim works.

    A2A Simulations Spitfire for Prepar3D     A2A Simulations Spitfire for Prepar3D

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    1. clankilp's Avatar
      clankilp -
      Great add-on, just like all their other ones.

      I still prefer their Civilian Mustang because of it's modernized avionics, but any Spitfire lover who doesn't have this one should absolutely add this to their hangar. It's worth every penny!
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