• Ready Captain Update

    Announcing Ready Captain for Microsoft Flight Simulator July Update

    After 17 years, Ready Captain is the sequel to the original Hopping Round the World Adventure created by David Dossiere that started on August 3, 2003 for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight.

    The starting point of Ready Captain has been confirmed! Based on the image below can you guess where?

    EXCLUSIVELY for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the Ready Captain Add-on will surpass more than 3,000 takeoffs and landings. We will visit many of the world's most dangerous airports, land on lakes & seas, countless bush flying while discovering unknown strips of grass, ice, dirt and gravel which will test your IFR. IMC and VFR skills in real-world weather conditions while piloting big iron, props & jet props, classics, seaplanes, military tech and possibly some helicopters to uncover as many locations enriching your flying experience.

    We WILL visit the continents of Africa, Asia, Antarctica, Australia/Oceania, Europe, North America and South America. The Caribbean will be included along with unheard-of places that you may have to search for online. Each leg will feature local seasons for the date and time flown. Pilots have the flexibility to fly legs solo or with other pilots.

    The EPIC Adventure

    July 2021 Update

    Great progress is being made on mapping out the legs of our EPIC Adventure for the Ready Captain Add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

    We have quite a few unique gems I know pilots will enjoy when visiting these unfamiliar locations. Each leg will be using real world weather for the date and time flown.

    Every airport and location we add keeps bringing the count higher and higher. Based on what we have prepared so far we will easily surpass 3,000 takeoffs and landings. We may tweak some things once we start this EPIC Adventure.

    Pilots can fly solo or with friends. We are considering doing some fly-in events for certain legs.

    The most important equipment is the V22 Osprey.

    We hope to see you in the skies once we officially announce the start date for the Ready Captain Add-on.

    We again like to express our gratitude and thanks for those who registered and flew the original HRW Adventure for FS2004: A Century of Flight.

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