• MSFS July 22nd, 2021 Development Update

    MSFS July 22nd, 2021 Development Update

    Microsoft Flight Simulator will be available to play on Xbox Series X|S July 27th starting at 8:00 am PDT (1500Z) worldwide. Can you believe this is the last Development Update where we can say "Coming Soon to Xbox Series X|S"?!

    In case you missed it, last week Jorg Neumann and Sebastian Wloch dived into the evolution of Flight Simulator and the role technology like Microsoft Azure has played in bringing cutting-edge realism to the title. Enjoy:

    SDK Update


    We are preparing the SDK update that is releasing in the next few days! Among many DevMode fixes, WASM enhancements and Visual Effects Editor improvements, we are also about to release a lot of new content to our documentation. More details to come!

    Today, we are releasing our first Video Tutorial dedicated to the Visual Effects Editor. You can find it on our YouTube channel or watch here:

    Dev Mode

    • Visual Effects Editor
    • We added a ColorSpaceConversion node to allow you to work either with RGB or HSV.


    • We made the MSFS Platform Toolset compatible with Visual Studio 2019 16.10.x.
    • We updated the toolchain used to compile modules with LLVM 12.


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