• MSFS 2020 July 8th, 2021 Development Update

    MSFS 2020 July 8th, 2021 Development Update

    As we steadily approach Xbox launch this month, there is so much happening within our community! From Twitch streams to community events, we can feel the excitement surrounding us. Check out the community section of today's post for some of the highlights! And in case you missed it, catch this inspiration video about our favorite local pilot Shinji Maeda, and learn why he likes to fly. Look forward to several more of these videos coming out soon, featuring community members big and small.

    Why I Fly - Microsoft Flight Simulator - Shinji Maeda

    SDK Update


    We are currently investigating the last issues for the upcoming update.

    Dev Mode

    In the Project Editor: We fixed a crash when cleaning current flying aircraft's package.

    In the Visual Effects Editor: We continue to fix bugs and adding features such as a color converter, from HSV to RGB.


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    1. JohnnyJohnJohn's Avatar
      JohnnyJohnJohn -
      How about fixing your broken AI traffic as well!
    1. am63820's Avatar
      am63820 -
      how about fixing the a i pilot as well
    1. Seanmo's Avatar
      Seanmo -
      Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyJohnJohn View Post
      How about fixing your broken AI traffic as well!
      How about noticing that this is a DEV update? Your comment is completely inappropriate for a DEV update.
    1. JohnnyJohnJohn's Avatar
      JohnnyJohnJohn -
      Quote Originally Posted by Seanmo View Post
      How about noticing that this is a DEV update? Your comment is completely inappropriate for a DEV update.
      How about telling the same to the other member instead of just attacking me Mr. Wannebe Moderator? How can they move onto fixing other things if other things are broken in the first place? So maybe its not so out of line - think about that for a moment. Because how can developers develop traffic and parking if that part of the main game is broken? Didn't see that aspect, did you? Figures.
    1. napamule2's Avatar
      napamule2 -
      What will happen if you reduce your AI to 20% instead of 99%? You MIGHT get that parking you want? Use my head (hehe).
      Chuck B
    1. JohnnyJohnJohn's Avatar
      JohnnyJohnJohn -
      No Chuckie. Still won’t work totally broken planes show up with use As traffic turned off in b the appropriate spot in their CFG file. Whole thread on that in the MSFS FORUM.. Do you own MSFS?
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