• Simworks Studios Announces Progress On Kodiak For MSFS

    Simworks Studios Announces Progress On Kodiak For MSFS

    It's been some time since we posted our progress on the Kodiak. Well, here we are! The VC is in the skilled hands of the texture artist and this is how it's shaping up so far! After the base work has been done, we will begin adding stencils and stickers to close the VC out.

    From an overall progress standpoint, the aircraft's systems are almost completed. Exterior and VC are getting their final detailing pass and the focus is on the flight model, checklists and sounds.

    Speaking of sounds, SimAcoustics were able to record a real Kodiak recently, so we will provide you with authentic, high-quality audio using Wwise!

    Simworks Studios Announces Progress On Kodiak For MSFS

    Last but not least, we decided to break the Kodiak into two separate packages: wheeled and amphibian.

    The wheeled version will retail at €30 on SWS and cover the wheeled variants of the aircraft. The initial release will contain the Tundra, Summit, Skydive, cargo and mixed cargo/pax interiors. Externally, we will offer standard and tundra tyres, with a cargo pod option. We are aiming for a late July to mid-August release for this.

    The amphibian will retail for €15 and release after the Wheeled variant and the Xbox version of MSFS. As this will add wake effects and (we anticipate) better hydroplaning behaviour, we will need the extra time to work on the flotation aspects of the Kodiak (as well as the Zenith). The floatplane will feature the Tundra, cargo, mixed and Summit interiors.


    1. mlam's Avatar
      mlam -
      Very much looking forward to this one!
    1. cmac's Avatar
      cmac -
      I've been waiting for this as well. This and the Aerosoft Twotter.
    1. bstikkel's Avatar
      bstikkel -
      What is a Tundra and a Summit interieur...? I only know about tundra tires...
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