• Lionheart Reports On Light Issue With Trinidad For MSFS

    Lionheart Creations - Trinidad TB-21 For MSFS 2020

    Just to let you know, I have been working hard to figure out why the lights turn off in the Trinidad since Build 4.1. The Potentiometer seems to be the culprit as it was then, when added to dim instrments lights when going to 3D instrumentation, that this popped up.

    I have tried separating the plane's model to separate interior/exterior mesh (not what we did in the FSX and P3D sims, its an Asobo thing and not required) and that didn't work. I have tried redoing code, using different Asobo knob codes, searching through the custom Behavior codes, changing things around in order... Nothing has worked except one, and that was a 'single model', where you do not have a secondary Interior model, but then you cannot have Occluder to keep the rain out, difficulty with hiding pilots when in the plane, etc. So that was out of the question, unless those aspects could be met.

    IF... you have ideas on what this bug could be, I and all the Trinidad owners would be grateful for your input.

    Another choice, which is one I do not want, is to take the Potentiometers out. In the Beta 4.2 I am working on, I now have 3 Potentiometers or 'Dimmers' in the interior lights; for instruments, blue glow, and overhead dome lights. They are AWESOME... I do not want to drop them. We need this tech. It enhances the plane tremendously. I need to know how to fix this. That is the wall that we are up against. So if you think of what it might be, what is causing the lights to reset and turn off, why they need to be double clicked when starting into a flight, please let me know.


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