• Review: PMDG Douglas DC-6 For MSFS 2020

    Review: PMDG Douglas DC-6 For MSFS 2020

    By thecorporatepilotdad

    thecorporatepilotdad usually does tutorials, but with the Douglas DC-6 finally here from PMDG he wanted to give it his professional pilot evaluation.

    This is a review of the DC-6 by PMDG from a professional pilot viewpoint. A general overview of the DC-6 will be made along with the attention to detail and features PMDG have embedded in this aircraft.

    A few systems are covered, flight characteristics, and a general summary of the aircraft.

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    About The Author

    This video is produced by thecorporatepilotdad. He has been a FlightSim.Com member for close to twenty years and using Flight Simulator since back in the day of FS98 and FS2000. He is also a professional pilot with over 7000 hours of real world flight experience ranging from Cessna 152s to super-mid size business jets.

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    1. Josette's Avatar
      Josette -
      Finally .. the exactly plane that I was wait for MSFS since the 18 August 2020 ago . One liner vintage that did lack cruelly for this simulator I'm very happy about this purchasse , PMDG done excellent work ( as usual )
    1. thecorporatepilotdad's Avatar
      thecorporatepilotdad -
      I was very excited about this airplane when news on it was first released. The job PMDG did is amazing and it will be a fun airplane to learn.
    1. Josette's Avatar
      Josette -
      BRAVO to PMDG the first which has the merit of finally offering us a vintage airliner, serious and of excellent quality. what was really missing for FSMS. I hope to soon have the pleasure to find such planes, Beechcraft serie 18, and other Douglas DC3 Lockeed Super Constellation. and others on FSMS ( because a bit bored to pilot only computers flying)
    1. thecorporatepilotdad's Avatar
      thecorporatepilotdad -
      Nothing beats flying airplanes in a simulator like the DC6 and the ones you mentioned that are as close to correct as possible that we can't fly anymore due to the passage of time.
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