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    Traffic Global

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    Richard Nurse

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    Real world traffic, any airport, any time.

    Do any real-world pilots who are parked at the ramp or gate at John F. Kennedy (JFK) International airport or London Heathrow fly on their own, with no traffic anywhere in the skies or on the ground? Well, the answer is no. So, Just Flight has just brought this real-world representation of global aviation traffic at every airport for simmers. Not only are there loads of aircraft, both commercial and general aviation (GA) parked at the ramps and gates at any airport you can think of, but the traffic is promised by Just Flight to be accurate flight plans based on real-world airline schedules. The traffic database that powers the AI flights is sourced from the same suppliers that power many of the popular 'flight tracking' apps and web sites, thus providing the most realistic representation of real-world airport traffic yet. So, if you can see an airplane in your sim, there should be one in that same position at the airport or in the air in real life!

    This software features thousands of detailed but FPS-efficient commercial airline AI aircraft built from the ground up, and an extensive schedule of General Aviation flights. A powerful back-end software tool is included to let you explore and take full control of the supplied AI schedules. You can also create and edit your own database of custom single-leg or multi-leg AI traffic flights and add your own repaints. Here are the features included in Traffic Global:

    • Accurate commercial flight plans based on real-world airline schedule data, giving full worldwide coverage of commercial airline traffic.
    • General Aviation - an extensive schedule of General Aviation flights, using default aircraft and spanning the globe.
    • Detailed but FPS-efficient aircraft models - carefully designed aircraft that will bring your airports to life and also keep airport operations running smoothly. Aircraft include great features such as 2048x2048 livery and night lighting textures, animated engine fans, authentic night lighting, realistic sounds by Turbine Sound Studios and integrated external lighting effects.
    • Covers all the latest and most common aircraft types which are currently in use, including the 787, A380, A320neo and A350.
    • Customizable - powerful tools let you explore and take full control of the supplied AI schedules. You can also create and edit your own database of custom single-leg or multi-leg AI traffic flights and add your own repaints.

    Installation And Setup

    The installation of Traffic Global is simple and straight forward. Just choose your location for the program (separate from your simulator root folder) and choose a location for the AI Fleet folder.

    Just Flight - Traffic Global

    Just Flight - Traffic Global

    1. dbauder's Avatar
      dbauder -
      I would hope the database was compiled pre-COVID...
    1. Sampa's Avatar
      Sampa -
      not certain, but my airports are fairly sparsely populated, despite having my traffic set all the way up! it is updated fairly frequently, with email notice!
    1. AirbusDLM's Avatar
      AirbusDLM -
      The major airports around the world as less than 30% of traffic no mater what setting i have at the airports I can't add airplanes, because I get errors. i can't add livery's, I get errors. I can't changes routes because i get errors. I have uninstalled & installed more times then i can count. I'm really thinking about going back to World of AI. Much better program and it least its free, with out all the "errors".
    1. jock's Avatar
      jock -
      Badly need full-blown Global Traffic in fs2020, ignoring COVID restrictions.
    1. vegasjon's Avatar
      vegasjon -
      im still getting aircraft at US. local airports from Korea and China...
    1. rooitou's Avatar
      rooitou -
      That is a very high price to pay, if a freeware product is seemingly better?
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