• FS2Crew Updates Pushback Express For MSFS To v2.1

    FS2Crew - Pushback Express for MSFS

    Changelog v2.1

    1. Support for latest development version of the FBW A32NX (they recently changed their parking brake lever code). If using PBE and the FBW, you are now required to use the development version of the FBW A32NX.

    If you don't have that plane, go get it. It's free and it's the best Airbus out there for MSFS: https://flybywiresim.com/

    2. Pushback Procedure changed! We can now have the tug "pre-connect" to the aircraft, making your experience much more realistic.

    However, this necessitated a procedural change. Now, in button and voice control, tell the ramp crew that you'll be ready in a few minutes via voice or button control.

    The tug will connect to the aircraft and hold position. Then when you're ready to push, you'll tell the ramp crew you're ready to start the pushback and the tug crew will tell you to release brakes.

    This is procedurally much more realistic than the previous versions, where the ramp agents would tell you to release the parking brakes well before the tug had arrived.

    The manuals are in the zip file, but you can also access them here:


    3. New! Voice Control feature - "Voice Command Helper". This new system displays on screen what you need to say -and when- if using voice control.

    The benefit is you no longer need to reference a manual or memorize voice phrases.

    Supports English, French, German and Spanish text.

    This is actually one of V2.1's best new features!

    4. New! On-line map! Click the new Globe icon on the Main Panel.

    5. New! We've double the resolution of the panels, making that look vastly sharper and crisper. We've also improved the panel layout.

    6. New! Night lighting option and panel opacity slider.

    7. PBE will now "auto close" after completing your pushback.

    8. New Push-to-Talk trigger option. In addition to using a hotkey or having an open mic, you can now use your mouse button to press the Push-to-Talk key. Left click and hold over the new microphone icon.

    9. Collapse panel code updated to account for users with non standard resolutions.

    10. Usage tips updated (remember, you can turn them off. Once you know the system, you don't need them. It's just for learners).

    11. PBE will now auto detect if Nahamic or Asus Sound Studio is running the background, and issue a warning if detected.

    12. Speech recognition support for users with their speech recognizer set to Australia improved.

    About Pushback Express

    Meet the first – and last – pushback system you’ll ever need for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator! Now with voice control. Simple and elegant with no need for complex manuals, Pushback Express meets all your pushback requirements – present and future!

    From a wide choice of international voice sets to the ability to self-drive the tug so you can perform a custom route, Pushback Express does it all!

    So say good-bye to the clunky default pushback system in Flight Simulator and say hello to a new level of realism! Say hello to Pushback Express!

    Purchase FS2Crew - Pushback Express

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