• SimCoders Reality Expansion Pack v4.5.10 Released

    SimCoders Reality Expansion Pack v4.5.10 Released

    This update is freely available for current customers via the SkunkCrafts Updater or by downloading the full package from the store.

    Full changelog

    • A cancel window is shown before beginning the engine autostart procedure
    • Fix: the instrument wear could not save its state properly on some systems
    • P28R & T Fix: it was not possible to set the transponder to ON/ALT when using the honeycomb hardware
    • P28R & T Fix: the emergency landing gear extension did not work properly after the last JF basemodel update
    • Beaver: Improved the fuel flow behavior at altitude
    • PC-12 Fix: the propeller could go in overspeed under certain power conditions
    • PC-12: The HSI map line is now disabled to match real world avionics behavior
    • PC-12: TO/GA Pitch Up set to 7.5 degrees
    • C172: Added the on and off commands for the fuel shutoff valve

    What It Is

    The Reality Expansion Pack for X-Plane 11 and 10 is an add-on that replaces some internal parts of the sim with custom ones, greatly enhancing the realism.

    It replaces and enhances the flight & ground dynamics, the default piston engine, the electrical system, the landing gear and many other aspects of the airplane, adding things such real world physics, new stereo sounds and extra 3D elements.

    REP also provides a damages system, a maintenance hangar and the interactive ground checks.

    You learn how o use it and become a better pilot thanks to the in-flight tips: a simple and not invasive way to let you know when you're doing something wrong to the airplane and how to fix the problem.


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