• pizzagalli.ch - Agusta Westland AW-609 For X-Plane

    pizzagalli.ch - Agusta Westland AW-609 For X-Plane

    The AW609 answers to the needs of an aircraft with the speed, range and altitude of a fixed-wing turboprop aircraft, together with the vertical versatility of a helicopter during take-off and landing.

    This revolutionary combination, as well as the comfort of a pressurized cabin in which you can fly over the weather, makes the AW609 a real asset.

    In order to transform a vertical flight helicopter into a plane with a horizontal flight, we use the tiltrotor, a real technical feat. The AW609 seems simple in concept, but complex in its realisation. Its pairs of three-bladed, 26-foot in diameter "prop-rotors", coupled to their 1,930 shp Pratt & Whitney PT6C-67A turboshaft engines, must lift its 16,800-lb bulk into full vertical position.

    pizzagalli.ch - Agusta Westland AW-609 For X-Plane

    They must then be able to rotate forward and move the 44-foot-long, 33-foot-wide, 15-foot-tall airframe at forward speeds of 275 KTAS and altitudes of 25,000 feet MSL. To accomplish this, the engines must simultaneously rotate back and forth between 95 degrees (straight up, plus another 5 degrees aft), and zero degrees (straight forward). The engines must also be able to turn both rotor systems at any tilt angle as a whole, or independently.

    To make the units tilt as a matched set, the engineers employ one tilt-axis gearbox on each engine nacelle.

    The 609's rotor mechanism can best be described as a main rotor head that can rotate. The pedals and toe brakes look normal, and control pivoting about the yaw axis. But they are not connected to a tail rotor, and there is no rudder. In a hover, pedal inputs change the pitch on the rotors cyclically, causing one or the other set to drive the aircraft’s nose around its yaw axis.

    pizzagalli.ch - Agusta Westland AW-609 For X-Plane

    AW-609 Leonardo vertical/short takeoff and landing "tilt-rotor" civil version.


    • Fully animated 3D exterior model:
      • Gear
      • Flaps
      • Flight controls
      • Nacelle tilt
      • Doors
    • Fully animated 3D interior cockpit model:
      • Stick
      • Throttle
      • Rudder pedals
      • Switches
    • Multiple liveries available
    • SASL plug-in driven avionics and automated systems
    • Default auto tilt, auto flap control options can be switched off for full manual control if desired
    • Flight manual
    • 3 models: Medical, VIP, Airliner
    • Nav light selection
    • Garmin 1000
    • Pilot automatic
    • Engine systems
    • Complete NAV system
    • SASL3
    • FMOD
    • VR possible
    • Texture 4K
    • PBR
    • Additional tanks, more range, greater compliance for flights (fuel consumption, mass transport)

    pizzagalli.ch - Agusta Westland AW-609 For X-Plane

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