• Orbx Releases Landmarks Cape Town City Pack

    Orbx Releases Landmarks Cape Town City Pack

    Landmarks Cape Town is an exciting addition to our top selling Landmarks and Cityscape series for Microsoft Flight Simulator, which includes classic locations such as Sydney, Singapore, London and Paris.

    Cape Town is one of those cities that doesn't need much of an introduction though, perhaps in this case, it's more the unique geographic position than the downtown skyline itself. Also referred to as the "Mother City" - as the oldest urban area in southern Africa - Cape Town is framed by the iconic Table Mountain and the Atlantic Ocean near the southernmost tip of the African continent. Today, almost 4 million people live in the metropolitan area, with a diverse mix of ethnic backgrounds.

    The harbour basin, situated right in front of downtown, is impossible to overlook. We've added many custom vessels, docks, cranes, and other industrial infrastructure. Moreover, the western section of the port is being transformed into a tourist and residential zone where you'll see the new shopping malls, condos, and marinas.

    As with our other Landmark City titles, we've put a lot of effort into recreating key features and points of interest throughout the city, reflecting its fascinating mix of older and modern architecture. The close proximity of downtown and port also makes for stunning visuals at night, and we even included an (optional) rhino outline near the top of Table Mountain, which gets projected occasionally to support anti-poaching campaigns.

    Beyond the city, visit the infamous former prison on Robben Island, explore the University of Cape Town's campus on Table Mountain's eastern slopes, or fly around the Cape of Good Hope where the Atlantic meets the Indian Ocean and the nearest landmass to the south is Antarctica, some 2,500 miles distant.

    Cape Town Int'l (FACT) lies 10 miles to the southeast but there are also several smaller airfields in the area, such as Ysterplaat AFB, Stellenbosch Aerodrome, Morning Star Airfield, and two short runways on Robben Island.

    For helicopter pilots we've included a number of hardened helipads in the city as well as on vessels in the harbour.


    1. sky44's Avatar
      sky44 -
      Orbx is like Boeing.
    1. sky44's Avatar
      sky44 -
      Sorry to see how Orbx is now just an "airport & City" provider, one more of the many. Its luster is gone in MSFS,
    1. collltip's Avatar
      collltip -
      It is probably money.I found their small airfield scenery very good,but they said that they did not sell well.International airports are not my cup of tea,but they must sell well.
    1. graaant's Avatar
      graaant -
      Sorry to be a yea-sayer here, but I picked up the scenery this morning, found it money well-spent -- far more than CT airport, Orbx has upgraded all the local ones, and the scenery is hugely more realistic, with all the beautiful city's landmarks nicely done, the docklands spectacular. Back to it now ...
      (No, I'm not a paid Orbx plugger, employee, etc., whatever )
    1. rooitou's Avatar
      rooitou -
      Quote Originally Posted by sky44 View Post
      Sorry to see how Orbx is now just an "airport & City" provider, one more of the many. Its luster is gone in MSFS,
      Sky, each to his own. That's the way I started feeling about ORBX's many US airfields. While parts of the US are beautiful and I like to explore everywhere in the world, it is nice to finally have something closer to home and to see attention given to a part of the world neglected by most flight-sim developers. This will be my first ORBX purchase in a long time.
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