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    Trinidad TB21-GT

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    James Huddison

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    Lionheart Creations - Trinidad TB21 GT

    The Trinidad TB21-GT aircraft was developed by the French aircraft manufacturing company, Socata. The aircraft were named after various Caribbean Islands (hence the 'Trinidad' designation - there is also a Tobago variant), even though they were rarely flown in that region in real life.

    The GT denotes that this specific aircraft is effectively 'Turbo Charged' and it certainly flies like a rocket! But before we get to the performance and general handling of the Trinidad, Let's first take a look at the package's content and presentation. The downloaded product comes in the form of an 'exe' file; double click this file and point the installer to your MSFS 2020 Community folder.

    Once installed, a meaty PDF manual should pop-up. This manual contains all the relevant specifications of the aircraft, as well as everything that is required to know about: Cold & Dark start-ups; take-off, cruise and landing speeds; auto-pilot and navigation panel operations and literally anything else that is required for operating the aircraft. It's highly informative, well laid out and easy to read.

    Lionheart Creations - Trinidad TB21 GT     Lionheart Creations - Trinidad TB21 GT

    Once successfully installed, one will discover that there are 22 different liveries awaiting your selective preference - a simply staggering amount of choice!

    Now let's look at the 3D modelling of the Trinidad TB21-GT. Although it's quite a small and compact aircraft, the exterior rendition is of a very high quality. Seemingly, every single rivet and curve of the aircraft, are superbly recreated and for the undercarriage lovers out there, this module does not disappoint; look closely enough and you can see the lettering on the aircraft wheels. Once airborne (which we'll come to later on in this article), the undercarriage retracts neatly into the body of the aircraft, accompanied by a very convincing animation.

    Hopping inside the cockpit, the high production quality of this aircraft continues. I immediately had a sensation and feeling of luxury and plushness, as I scanned around the interior of the cockpit. It really does feel like you are in the seat of a very expensive and high-performance sports car (hence my sub-heading, at the top of this article).

    Lionheart Creations - Trinidad TB21 GT     Lionheart Creations - Trinidad TB21 GT

    The cockpit screams quality from every single angle; from the textured leather seats (both front and aft) to the angled displays of the dials and controls of the aircraft.

    Analog dial lovers are in for a real treat here, as the main dials: HSI, Airspeed Indicator, Altitude Indicator etc, are all in their 'old-school' format. There is also a G500 in the centre of the main bank of controls, as well as a simple, yet highly functional auto-pilot panel.

    One can easily spend upwards of 30 minutes, looking around and investigating all the fine details and features that this little beauty has to offer. The door handle levers are a must try - but I'll let you discover this wonderful surprise for yourself!

    1. rooitou's Avatar
      rooitou -
      Getting fairly bad/mixed reviews on simmarket (sorry James, but we have to remain objective). Wish flightsim.com store had a proper review system. I tend to only buy where I can see honest user reviews.
    1. Nels_Anderson's Avatar
      Nels_Anderson -
      If you actually look at Simmarket you'll see the average review rating for this product is 4 stars out of 5, which really is not bad. If you look at the product history (changelog) you'll see the author is very committed to improving it and fixing problems. Given that MSFS 2020 itself is not a finished product and its features are a moving target creating perfectly working aircraft for it is probably impossible at this time.
    1. widowmaker320's Avatar
      widowmaker320 -
      I can't help thinking that all these GA aircraft for MSFS is rather lazy.....bit of a cash cow
    1. Huddison's Avatar
      Huddison -
      Quote Originally Posted by widowmaker320 View Post
      I can't help thinking that all these GA aircraft for MSFS is rather lazy.....bit of a cash cow
      This in no different to any of the other big Flight Simulators out there (X-Plane, P3D etc) and if future GA aircraft releases are of similar quality to this one, I say bring it on!
    1. dog4zero's Avatar
      dog4zero -
      I have this for P3D v4.5 and it is the plane I fly the most. I think it is a great plane. All the updates are in for me. I give it 5 stars. More if it would let me.
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