• Review: MK Studios - EIDW Dublin Airport For MSFS

    Review: MK Studios - EIDW Dublin Airport For MSFS And P3D

    By MrYorkiesWorld

    MK Studios - EIDW Dublin For MSFS


    Hello again everyone, my name is Jay - AKA MrYorkiesWorld - welcome back to another review. Today I am going to be reviewing MK Studios Dublin Airport (ICAO Code: EIDW) for P3D and Microsoft Flight Simulator.

    In my case, this review is going to be focussing on the Microsoft Flight Simulator rendition of the scenery, as I currently don't have P3D installed, but I assume the scenery will more than likely look the same in each sim regardless, apart from maybe one or two minor differences which can be expected.

    Dublin is quite a popular destination, both in real life and in the world of flight simulation, and so I'm really excited to be reviewing this scenery. As always, I'd like to thank my good friend Dominic Smith over at FlightSim.com for providing me with this scenery. Dublin has always been an area I have loved to fly into and out of in the simulator, so let's see how MK Studios rendition performs.

    MK Studios - EIDW Dublin For MSFS     MK Studios - EIDW Dublin For MSFS

    The Airport

    As mentioned, Dublin Airport carries the ICAO code EIDW, and is the main airport serving the city of Dublin itself, which is the capital of Ireland.

    In 2019 the airport saw over 32.9 million passengers passing through it, which marked the busiest year the airport itself has had on record.

    Airlines such as Ryanair, Aer Lingus and British Airways are just a few which usually frequent the airport bringing passengers in and out of Dublin from the UK and other countries.

    MK Studios - EIDW Dublin For MSFS     MK Studios - EIDW Dublin For MSFS

    Features, Graphics And Modelling

    MK Studios have gone into quite a bit of detail with this particular scenery, especially in terms of the graphics, models and features.

    One of the features was the internal modelling of the terminal building which I found to be quite a nice touch. Although we don't really spend a whole lot of time inside terminal buildings when simming, it's still nice to see that they have been modelled and included for extra realism and immersion, and I have to say that for a standard set of models and textures, it's actually pretty good looking.

    MK Studios - EIDW Dublin For MSFS     MK Studios - EIDW Dublin For MSFS

    The layout of the ground, such as taxiways, stands and gates, seem to be pretty accurate. The signage throughout the airport is really clear and legible, even when viewed up close, and makes for an easy trip between your departure gate and the runway (or vice versa). I normally use an external EFB program which includes the calculation of taxi routes to the runway or gate, but even without that I was still able to use the signage and visual queues around the airport to navigate easily.

    Details such as the fire training area on the airport grounds appear to be accurate and nicely designed as well. It seems no detail has been left behind when the scenery was designed, which is always nice to see.

    MK Studios - EIDW Dublin For MSFS     MK Studios - EIDW Dublin For MSFS

    When we get up close and personal with the drone camera, we can see how detailed the terminal buildings and other ground models really are. They seem to be really crisp and sharp, and only get grainy or pixelated when you get unrealistically close.

    The car park areas seem to be well modelled as well. The cars themselves seem to have realistic models, or at least as realistic as can be expected. It's important to remember that this is not real life, and the scenery itself is intended to be used in a flight simulator, not a driving simulator, so the accuracy and modelling of cars and other vehicles in a carpark are really not that important, well not to me anyway.

    As ever, we can see various pieces of ground equipment scattered around as well, including some cargo crates with airline logos on, pushback equipment, stairs etc., all of which add to the atmosphere and makes things just that little bit more immersive.

    MK Studios - EIDW Dublin For MSFS     MK Studios - EIDW Dublin For MSFS

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