• A Quarter Century Of FlightSim.Com

    FlightSim.Com Celebrating 25 Years

    A Quarter Century Of FlightSim.Com

    By Nels Anderson

    Back in late 2003 Microsoft came out with "Flight Simulator 2004 - A Century Of Flight" to honor the Wright brother's first flight 100 years before. We're not quite that old yet, but FlightSim.Com has today reached 25 years since we first went online.

    Here in the U.S. today is our Memorial Day holiday and for me it's memorably in a different way due to having been at the helm of FlightSim.Com all this time. When this idea was first dreamed up way back in 1996 I never thought it would still be going in a very similar form for all this time.

    Way Back When

    From the start, FlightSim.Com was meant to be a meeting spot for all flightsimmers no matter what your particular interest or skills were. Aviation and flightsimming are pretty wide-ranging activities and there are lots of little niches to settle into--flying widely different types of planes, designing scenery, creating adventures, online ATC... We've tried to support all these interests right from the start.

    A New Era

    Of course the flightsim world changed last year when the new 2020 edition of Microsoft Flight Simulator came out. Its new technology has attracted a lot of new people to the hobby, though it has also been a pleasure to hear from many old timers who have come back from hiatus, being drawn in by this new sim.

    As I see it, MSFS 2020 is still sort of an "early access" product and they way it's being developed is so different from how previous versions of Microsoft Flight Simulator came out it's going to be very interesting to see how this all plays out. In the past when software came on disks, changes and upgrades were rare but now that everything is downloadable updates come out almost too often.

    X-Plane and Prepar3D have been in pretty much continuous development for many years and it seems Microsoft Flight Simulator is now on that same path. It does offer a challenge for third party developers but does keep things interesting.

    Our Future

    My partner Rick and I are both getting older, to the point where we can envision retirement at some point in our future. But in the meantime we intend to keep FlightSim.Com going for you just as it always has been.

    We're ramped up the amount of news we offer and we've found some new authors to not only write for us but create videos. We try and publish a wide variety of material to keeps things interesting for you.

    As in the past, though, FlightSim.Com is largely what you make of it. Those who are most active get the most out of it, so I would encourage you to play an active part whatever your abilties are. Just talk about the hobby in our forums and please leave comments when we post something. We're also always looking for people to upload files, write articles, etc. We of course also appreciate those who support us directly by getting a First Class Membership.

    The flightsim hobby looks to have a long and bright future so let's all go enjoy it together.

    I should mention that though the initial concept of FlightSim.Com was largely mine, the site would not have been anything worthwhile without all the people who have contributed to it in some way over these 25 years. Thanks folks for making this an interesting corner of the net.

    Nels Anderson
    [email protected]

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    1. thecorporatepilotdad's Avatar
      thecorporatepilotdad -
      Congratulations on 25 years! Here's to the next 25!
    1. sfgarland's Avatar
      sfgarland -
      Wonderful website and looking forward to the coming years.
    1. antonbar's Avatar
      antonbar -
      Acompanho há mais de 15 anos, o melhor site, uso todo dia Parabéns . Vida Longa e Prosperidade
    1. Theav's Avatar
      Theav -
      Congratulations Nels, and a big Thank You for your immense contributions to the flight sim community!
    1. avallillo's Avatar
      avallillo -
      For 25 years this has been the place to be for flight simulation - the best of the best! Here's to another 25, although for me to celebrate it with you I'll really be a geezer! Thanks for everything.
    1. jeffreymg's Avatar
      jeffreymg -
      I have been a member off and on since for the past 25 years and this is my go to site for flight simulations.
    1. coxje's Avatar
      coxje -
      Many congrats, Nels. Excellent site with excellent content.
    1. falconito's Avatar
      falconito -
      25 years, in the service of airplane lovers, it's a hell of a lease. Best wishes for the future.
    1. rickret's Avatar
      rickret -
      Thanks for being here for the flight sim community!
    1. alanmerry's Avatar
      alanmerry -
      Congratulations on 25 years and what brilliant foresight to set up the website when flightsim was so young. I have downloaded countless files from flightsim for FS2004, which has made the sim into something much greater than Microsoft imagined in 2003. (I've uploaded a few too.) I suspect that the interest shown by flightsim users had something to do with the inspiration for later simulators. And flightsim.com has always been my goto website, somewhat better organised and easier to navigate than others (if I'm allowed to say that).
      Keep up the good work Nels, and don't be retiring too soon!
    1. Jean-Philippe Pierard's Avatar
      Jean-Philippe Pierard -
      Congrats !!
      I'm here since the start !
    1. anaismith's Avatar
      anaismith -
      Congratulations, it is a wonderful resource. More power to you.
    1. TightGit's Avatar
      TightGit -
      I'm not surprised at the success of this site, because it's one of the few places that I can go to knowing even my daftest question will be answered patiently without making me feel stupid.

      Long may it last!
    1. kalizzi's Avatar
      kalizzi -
      Felicitations and congratulations. This site is one of the pillars of supporting the hobby, so much creative selfless effort is put into it and it is so appreciated. Happy 25th anniversary and best wishes.
    1. Tom's Avatar
      Tom -
      Congrats Nels. Thank you for all this work. What an adventure watching Flightsim.com grow.
      Great learning resource and the best people.


    1. oldcrusty's Avatar
      oldcrusty -
      Congratulations yes. Flightsim.com has been my go to for as long as I can remember. A valuable resource, a place to find answers, see what is happening sim wise and to share the enjoyment of this wonderful pastime. Yep the sim world has really changed but what is fascinating is how despite all the constant change and upgrades how solidly some folk have remained and continued with their favourite sim platform (MS2004, FS9, CFS, FSX to name but a few).

      Well done Flightsim.com long may it continue!
    1. cgsimpson's Avatar
      cgsimpson -
      Thank you of helping to keep my Hobby alive

    1. PEIRascal's Avatar
      PEIRascal -
      Congratulations on the 25 years mark. It has been the first spot I check for the latest news and solutions to problems for many years.

    1. svpst's Avatar
      svpst -
      Congratulations and thank you for all you've done. I've been around here since about 2003 or so, and every single day I look forward to seeing and learning about something I've done for about 72 years now. I grew up on an airport in Michigan in the 50's. Thank you, thank the wonderful developers of the software, the planes, the scenery and everything else that makes simming such a great hobby.

    1. lnuss's Avatar
      lnuss -
      Congratulations, Nels. You've done something special by having an excellent site, a great staff (Rick, Dan, etc.), careful selection of the volunteer moderators, and a policy of keeping this site as a friendly, non-contentious place, a good family site, as well as good for those of us who want to keep things peaceful, stimulating, informative and to have a good place to ask and answer questions, in addition to the tremendous variety of freeware and shareware downloads, the excellent articles, reviews, etc.

      This site has been an excellent hangout for the last 20 plus years (since FS98, for me), and has helped me learn a lot about simming (even a little about RW flying), and it's a fine place where we can meet new friends.

      You've done a GREAT job and it is very much appreciated.
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