• DC Designs Previews Stearman For MSFS

    DC Designs Previews Stearman For MSFS

    For those of you waiting for news on the Tomcats, the wait will be over soon! I've pushed on with completing the Stearman this week as it was so close to being release-ready that I felt it would be better to finish it off and get it into the hands of fans.

    As a result, this has been a week of adding color schemes, ironing out minor remaining bugs and of course distributing to my test team. Copies of the Stearman will soon be sent to selected YouTube reviewers who might be interested in this aircraft, which will allow interested folks to see if the airplane is right for them and of course spread the word of its imminent release.

    Right now, I'm doing some final checks and then next week will finish writing the manual and compiling the paint kit that will come with the Stearman. Sim Acoustics are just finishing up with the custom sounds, which were recorded live from Stearman PH-TOX, the color scheme for which is included in the package - you can't get more authentic than that!

    DC Designs Previews Stearman For MSFS

    The package will come with six liveries, each of which is shown in the accompanying screen shots. There are three military (USAAF, USN and RCAF) and three modern, civilian schemes. The modern schemes will feature Asobo crews aboard in the published version, while the military schemes will call a custom World War Two era crew to match. Those who know how will be able to alter the aircraft.cfg if they wish to change this set-up, but I'm sure it will be right for most users.

    Microsoft have readied my MSFS Marketplace store, everything is set to go, and Just Flight are being sent images and specs this afternoon in readiness for the launch on third-party sites. The price for the PT-17 Stearman will be around $14.99, which seems to me to be about right for an aircraft such as this and compares well with other such types that are available.

    DC Designs Previews Stearman For MSFS

    DC Designs Previews Stearman For MSFS

    As soon as the Stearman is launched, the workload will shift 100% to the F-14 Tomcat. The Tomcat launch date is now looking like mid-July 2021, possibly earlier if things go especially well.

    Those of you who own the F-15 Eagles should have received notification of the latest update to that package this week, which is now v1.0.3 (a tiny bug in the F-15D cockpit was fixed from v1.0.2). The next Eagles update will come later in 2021, and will now mostly focus on improvements to systems and textures, both in terms of fidelity and hopefully performance.


    1. sky44's Avatar
      sky44 -
      This will be great fun, hope its out soon...
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      ryogahibiki345 -
      I hope it gets textured better than their F-15.
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