• Tutorial: Aerosoft CRJ: Full Flying Lesson

    Tutorial: Aerosoft CRJ Full Flying Lesson

    Tutorial: Aerosoft CRJ: Full Flying Lesson

    By FilbertFlies


    Learn along with me as I take a lesson in the Aerosoft CRJ 700 with Michael, a real world CRJ first officer and former flight instructor. He takes me through a full flight from Atlanta (KATL) to Washington Dulles (KIAD), from powering up the aircraft from cold and dark to shutting it down at the other end. If you'd like to follow along, the flight plan and other resources can be found below. There are also links to different chapters if you're looking for guidance on something specific.

    We go through every flow and checklist, just as they're run in the real world at Michael's US regional carrier. Along the way, we gain some fascinating insights into real world ops, key differences between the Aerosoft CRJ and the planes that Michael flies in real life, and we learn how to troubleshoot and deal with some of the plane's... idiosyncrasies!

    The Flight

    From: Atlanta Stand D32
    To: Washington Dulles Stand Z6
    Weather: Few Clouds
    Time: 12:30 local, 17:30 UTC


    PDF Flight Plan
    KATL Charts
    KIAD Charts

    About The Aerosoft CRJ 550/700

    The Aerosoft CRJ 550/700 for the current Microsoft Flight Simulator has been built on the experience of the developers from the CRJ family offered for FSX and Prepar3D. Yet the new technology available within MSFS gave all developers involved the opportunity to use the latest in design, system and flight model programming. Therefore, they were reconstructed from ground up to match the new standard in look, function and flying characteristics. This small high-end airliner was created with the gracious support of Microsoft and Asobo, which ensured that the new features of the Microsoft Flight Simulator could be implemented.

    System Specs

    • i7 8700k processor
    • 32 GB RAM
    • GeForce GTX 1080Ti
    • LG UltraWide 25UM58 25-inch Monitor
    • Thrustmaster T16000.M flight stick
    • Honeycomb Bravo Throttle Quadrant

    Youtube Channel
    Michael's Youtube Channel
    Purchase Aerosoft CRJ 550/700 For MSFS 2020
    Flightbeam Washington Dulles Scenery

    1. bjl345's Avatar
      bjl345 -
      "An image is worth a thousand words" except when too many "tecnicalities" are involved. I still feel a good text explanation or tutorial is best for the recipient. Thks for the effort and good landings.
    1. mrfilbert's Avatar
      mrfilbert -
      Quote Originally Posted by bjl345 View Post
      "An image is worth a thousand words" except when too many "tecnicalities" are involved. I still feel a good text explanation or tutorial is best for the recipient. Thks for the effort and good landings.
      Well, I think it's fair to say that some people prefer to learn by reading and others by watching. The manuals included with the CRJ are pretty good for those who prefer the former.
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