• MSFS 2020 May 13th, 2021 Development Update

    MSFS 2020 May 13th, 2021 Development Update

    Sim Update IV Community Testing is underway! We have already started to collect feedback from experienced simmers and pilots alike. The hope for this test is to catch any possible regressions and to test all the new features and bug fixes coming out in the next update.

    Our next monthly Dev Q&A is coming up on May 26th at 10:30 am PDT! Feel free to submit a question for them here.

    This past week, Microsoft Flight Simulator was inducted into The Strong's World Video Game Hall of Fame! Here is a video from Jorg Neumann talking about this incredible moment:

    SDK Update


    • The AnswerHub Q&A platform should go live within a month. We are experiencing some delays because we are collecting forum topics from the past 30 days to import into the platform and due to the website configuration.
    • The 3rd Party private section of the forum will then be turned into read-only mode once the AnswerHub Q&A platform goes live.
    • We fixed empty CG that was incorrectly set from user values.


    • We cleaned up the SampleMaterials sample.
    • We edited the Missions documentation.
    • We added a new tutorial for airport creation using the Airport Creation Wizard.
    • We made a major update to the Project Editor section, especially Marketplace Data & Exporting.

    Dev Mode

    • We are now ready to release the new Visual Effects editor, in a Beta version, with the next release.
    • We fixed a bug where recent projects list was not loaded when opening the Project Editor.
    • We added an “Open Recent” menu in the DevMode tool bar.
    • We added “Enable Terraforming & Water Flattening” in the DevMode option.
    • We added more precise gizmo control with shift key.


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