• Indiafoxtecho Update On Sukhoi 31 For MSFS

    Indiafoxtecho Update On Sukhoi 31 For MSFS

    Even if we have not provided updates in a while, we have been working hard on different projects - so here is a brief update on one of them: the Sukhoi 31 for MSFS.

    3D modeling is now 99.9% complete: we just need to tweak a couple of textures, animations and the associated code - below are some screen shots - the final product will look pretty much the same.

    Indiafoxtecho Update On Sukhoi 31 For MSFS

    Indiafoxtecho Update On Sukhoi 31 For MSFS

    Basically this project is just awaiting the completion of the sound package and the flight model... however, while we were playing with the Su-31 color variations, we have received the (much awaited) notification from Microsoft about the upcoming Sim Update.

    There seem to be important changes (hopefully improvements) in the flight model - so all our planes must be re-validated (hopefully without the need of major changes).

    So, before moving forward with new planes, we will need to understand the impact of the flight model changes first.

    Also (finally!) the visual effects editor should be working... POSSIBLY allowing the addition of the (much awaited) smoke effect to the MB-339 (and the SU-31).

    We will soon provide updates on the other projects too!


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      Looking forward to this release! Hope they have an option for a male pilot as well.
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