• Coming 3 x MSFS Trips (Missions) From Rolling Cumulus Software

    Rolling Cumulus Announces 'In The Soup'

    Welcome pilots. There are good times and bad times, many pilots are in "bad" times at the moment. Right now we take any job no matter what!

    Today the weather is shifting up and down, you fly a small plane with no IFR equipment just pure VFR. It rained last night, but now at the airport there are open spots in the sky even though you know it's not tops for flying only with your eyes.

    Anyway, it's a flight that pays well and the freight owners are hurrying you to get it to their stores at not to far locations. Your wife is worried but knows you will fly....Good luck Amigo! Try to stay clear off the cloud soup!

    Rolling Cumulus Announces 'In The Soup'

    Rolling Cumulus Announces 'In The Soup'

    Rolling Cumulus Announces 'In The Soup'

    Rolling Cumulus Announces 'In The Soup'

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