• Announcing Yaw2 3DoF Motion Simulator

    Announcing Yaw2 3DoF Motion Simulator

    After a successful Kickstarter campaign 3 years ago, Yaw VR is back to the platform with its next generation motion simulator, Yaw2.

    Yaw2 is the highest motion range, most compact and affordable virtual reality motion simulator from Yaw VR. This next generation device is capable of a 40° motion range for roll, and 70° for pitch movements, and adding the Yaw Platform enables a 360° rotation, all with exceptional speed. Yaw2 is the most innovative and cool-looking motion simulator which brings you into a completely new world.

    Yaw2 is designed for gaming and to address the problem of motion sickness, it provides a fully immersive experience for your favorite games. Besides, the device is also a perfect match for working environments or for taking a break with its relaxation function.

    When designing Yaw2, our primary goal was to create a fully immersive experience at a price affordable for even domestic users. Based on our experience with Yaw1, we concluded that the following features are indispensable for Yaw2:

    • Comfortable: suitable even for playing for more hours
    • Can be used in normal sitting position
    • Hassle-free setup
    • Calibration-free
    • Large, foldable gaming plate for peripherals (such as joytsticks, steering wheels, shifters or hotas)
    • No assistance required for using the device

    Along with the comfort features, Yaw2 has everything needed for a perfect gaming experience:

    • Ultra-low latency
    • Exceptionally high motion speed (up to 360°/s)
    • Powerful motors (up to 350Ws)
    • Built-in vibration: enables vibration coming from e.g. speed, acceleration, an engine’s RPM or from getting shot etc.
    • Gameplay time tracker: helps in organizing your schedule and limiting your gaming passion before it becomes an addiction.

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      griphos -
      Except, in coordinated turns, climbs and descents, you don't feel like you are tilted.
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