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    Piper Arrow

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    Joshua Moore

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    Introduction And History

    The Piper Arrow is a single engine, four seat aircraft derived from the well known and loved Piper PA-28 Cherokee line. In the 1960s, Piper Aircraft wanted to design a retractable gear aircraft to compete with Mooney, who was dominating the market in the complex single market. Piper assumed, and rightly so, that their customer base for the new aircraft would be a transition market. They based the new Piper arrow off the existing Cherokee airframe, and in 1967, the new PA-28R Arrow was born.

    The Arrow was targeted to pilots looking to move into a more complex aircraft but who did not have much experience in these aircraft. For this reason, Piper added one of the best safety features found on the aircraft, this being an automatic landing gear system, also featured in the Just Flight Arrow. It will retract and extend at a certain threshold to prevent gear up landings. It hasn't worked perfectly, and Piper offered a kit to disable the system, but most pilots have left it as is.

    The Just Flight rendition of the Piper Arrow III is modeled after G-BGKU, a 1978 Arrow III with a 200 HP Lycoming IO-360-C1C6 normally aspirated engine, with the turbocharged variant coming as a paid addition sometime in the near future. I have never had the chance to fly this aircraft in real life, though our airport has a 1972 Piper Arrow with a G430 and that same red interior as seen in the Just Flight version. The only thing preventing me from flying it to get a comparison was its price tag, $120 an hour dry, plus $50 of fuel and $35 for an instructor (I'm not checked out in it). It would cost me $205 for an hour of flight time, something which I'm not keen on with less expensive options. As such, I will just have to base my opinions off of my current real-world flight experiences, and wait until 2022 to fly the Arrow for my commercial certificate. With that said, let's find out what $45 gets us in terms of simulated aircraft, and is it worth the cost!

    Just Flight Piper Arrow for MSFS 2020     Just Flight Piper Arrow for MSFS 2020

    Just Flight Piper Arrow for MSFS 2020     Just Flight Piper Arrow for MSFS 2020

    Just Flight Piper Arrow for MSFS 2020     Just Flight Piper Arrow for MSFS 2020

    Documentation And First Impressions

    For anyone transitioning to a new GA aircraft, having a good read through the POH is always a good idea. Familiarizing yourself with the airspeeds, limitations, performance charts and systems is crucial to making a successful flight. The same can be said for a flight simulator, and while there is no POH, Just Flight did provide much of the necessary information needed for the flight, including normal and emergency procedures, systems walkthroughs, and all the performance charts for each phase of the flight.

    Having now had a look at the documentation, I loaded a flight with my favorite livery included in the install, N4131C. I am met in the sim by a gorgeous representation straight from 1978, a welcome addition to the endless glass cockpits found in many of the default MSFS 2020 aircraft. Looking around, the model is incredibly detailed, and the texture work is simply fabulous, giving the aircraft a worn and lived in appearance. The exterior model is equally weathered and detailed. Without saying too much more, let's dive into each of the aspects of the PA-28R Arrow!

    Just Flight Piper Arrow for MSFS 2020     Just Flight Piper Arrow for MSFS 2020

    Just Flight Piper Arrow for MSFS 2020     Just Flight Piper Arrow for MSFS 2020

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