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    Aerosoft - Sim-wings Ibiza for MSFS 2020


    Hello everyone, my name is Jay, AKA MrYorkiesWorld, and in today's review I'm going to be talking about Aerosoft Sim-Wings Ibiza for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

    Ibiza is one of the airports I really love to visit in the sim, especially during all this global doom and gloom because it really gives me a sense of the summer holidays. It's a really nice piece of scenery by Sim-wings (published by Aerosoft) and I'm really excited to get into the review.

    Aerosoft - Sim-wings Ibiza for MSFS 2020     Aerosoft - Sim-wings Ibiza for MSFS 2020

    About The Airport

    So, in terms of the airport itself, which carries to ICAO code LEIB, Ibiza Airport is the international airport serving the Balearic Islands of Ibiza and Formentera in Spain, located about 7km southwest of Ibiza Town. As the island is a major European holiday destination, it features some year-round domestic services as well as several dozen seasonal routes to cities across Europe.

    The airport itself has just one runway, obviously with both ends of that single runway being used. The runway numbers themselves being runway 24 and runway 06.

    By 2017, the airport itself was handling around 77,000 aircraft movements per year, and if you consider how popular the holiday destination of Ibiza itself is, you can sort of understand why there were so many flights in and out of the airport.

    It isn't the biggest airport in the world, but it's certainly one that sees a lot of action on a regular basis.

    Aerosoft - Sim-wings Ibiza for MSFS 2020     Aerosoft - Sim-wings Ibiza for MSFS 2020

    Features, Graphics And Modelling

    The in-sim scenery from Aerosoft is truly second to none, with all the parking areas and taxiways correctly and accurately positioned to add that extra bit of realism, and the scenery also includes some of the surrounding areas of the island as well which helps it to blend in perfectly with the existing Microsoft Flight Simulator scenery.

    The airport looks really nice on approach from either side, with plenty of details being rendered even from a distance, and when departing out of the airport you get to see some of the gorgeous scenery that is featured alongside the main airport itself as well.

    Custom taxiway signage means the taxiway signs are really clear and precise depending on the time of day. They can easily be seen in both daytime and night time. The font looks legible and the actual modelling of the signs themselves appears to be of really high quality as well, however I did notice at times the text on the ground and on the signage did seem a little pixelated. This could be because I'm running the sim in 1080p and was really getting quite up close and personal with the drone camera at times when I was checking it out, but from a distance it really doesn't seem to cause any issues, and I'd say if you're just arriving or departing from the airport you probably wouldn't notice the slight pixilation on the text - especially from a distance.

    Aerosoft - Sim-wings Ibiza for MSFS 2020     Aerosoft - Sim-wings Ibiza for MSFS 2020

    The airport terminals and general buildings throughout the airport itself look really well-made. The textures are sharp and realistic regardless of what time of day it is in the simulator which is nice. There's nothing worse than arriving at an airport in the sim and the models and textures not quite being the same as reality, but with this scenery they really do appear to be spot-on in my opinion.

    One thing I did notice is that some of the road textures behind the airport building could have been improved on. Some paths where cars are driving don't really have any road markings or textures, and I think the scenery could definitely benefit from having these added in or improved in places. Overall though, not really an issue if you're not bothered by that sort of stuff.

    The scenery has custom animated jetway models as well which seem to work well in all kinds of aircraft. Personally, I use the A320 for the majority of my flights and I've not had a single issue when arriving or departing from a stand or gate with a jetway - they've always worked great for me every time.

    Aerosoft - Sim-wings Ibiza for MSFS 2020     Aerosoft - Sim-wings Ibiza for MSFS 2020

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