• Big Radials P-40B Tomahawk - An Industry First?

    Big Radials P-40B Tomahawk - An Industry First?

    In what we think might be an industry first: our P-40B Tomahawk comes with free STL files for a set of flight controls which are an exact replica of the controls in the aircraft. Using these files you can 3D print working replica flight controls compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator and other popular flight sims.

    The developer of the files, AuthentiKit, used source files provided by us, Big Radials, to ensure they are a perfect match to our version of the Tomahawk. Inside the download you'll find a PDF and an example STL to preview the final build.

    About The Big Radials P-40B Tomahawk

    The P-40 was one of the critical aircraft during the early years of World War II. Developed in America and used by Russian, Australian, English and American pilots in all of the theatres of war.


    • Full native flight model, 3D assets, sounds, textures, everything.
    • Designed for casual and "Serious" simmers alike. Jump in and #FlyTheDamn plane or take the time to #ReadTheDamnManual and use the Gear and Flaps LIKE A BOSS!
    • Five historic 4K liveries
    • One special tribute livery #BecauseYoureWorthIt


    1. clankilp's Avatar
      clankilp -
      These guys have a great attitude: #FTDP & #RTDM, indeed!

      Reading their website is like a breath of fresh air - heck they even give Page 1 credit to other developers who have helped them along the way!

      I'll wait to see some video reviews first, but i'm giving these guys 1000 Bonus Points towards purchase just from their messaging.
    1. scottm's Avatar
      scottm -
      I think it's safe to say that no one has yet included a set of 3d print specs with a plane.... pretty cool.
    1. Aviation392's Avatar
      Aviation392 -
      Very well done *.cfg files. Smooth flyer, Highly Detailed textures. A keeper IMO, and good value. Great job gents, nicely done
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