• MSFS Spitfire From Aeroplane Heaven On Final

    MSFS Spitfire From Aeroplane Heaven On Final

    We have now finalised textures for the interior and exterior models. The VC has its final "look"and we've added "restored"model of N3200 - QV with the restored paint-scheme from Duxford IWM.

    There is now a proper working castoring tailwheel and many other uniquely-coded solutions for some of the sim shortfalls. She flies like a Spitfire should and hits all the correct numbers. Once airborne, she fits like a glove.

    We are including a small range of authentic liveries for some of the "Aces" and a pro-quality paint kit for those who want to paint their own. On that, we have done a lot of the hard work, packaging "A" and "B" scheme camouflage in wartime and factory fresh states.

    MSFS Spitfire From Aeroplane Heaven On Final

    The pilot has the correct Type 4B goggles and oxygen mask and is realistically animated.

    The engine covers can be removed to reveal that beautiful Merlin and there is a "big"powerful sound-pack to go with it.

    Effects include heat blur from the exhaust and radiator.

    The cockpit is fully animated with everything from working oxygen controls right down to a working night blind for the landing gear lights indicator. This pulls down to eliminate glare from the lights at night. Another detail, often overlooked is the canopy-lock position for the door. All takeoffs and landings are carried out with the canopy open to ensure a quick exit in the event of an accident or worse. The door position effectively locks the canopy and stops it moving forward if jolted or in flight in a dive. It's a very neat, simple solution - well done chaps!

    MSFS Spitfire From Aeroplane Heaven On Final

    Other things that work properly are the magnetos - you can do a proper mag-check when running up the engine.

    We've spent a LONG time on the flight model. With a little rudder trim or small corrections (and we mean small) she will track straight and true all the way to lift off.

    Currently we are finalising sounds and polishing a few effects. We are also preparing the manual. So, she should be with you shortly. Until then here are some screen shots taken directly from the sim.

    MSFS Spitfire From Aeroplane Heaven On Final


    1. Leo112's Avatar
      Leo112 -
      Very excited for this one. Looks like an amazing job and ground handling finally addressed for a more realistic feel. This may be a first for tail draggers in FS2020 as all other options hadn't got ground handling correct for takeoff and landings.
    1. clankilp's Avatar
      clankilp -
      The devotion to "getting it right" instead of just pushing it out the door to make a buck has my deepest respect and admiration.

      MilViz's Corsair is a hard act to follow, but AH seem to be on track for a grand performance
    1. croudson's Avatar
      croudson -
      I am interested to know which Mark it is modelled on. With only one wing radiator it is presumably an early mark. Looking forward to its release.
    1. Nels_Anderson's Avatar
      Nels_Anderson -
      Quote Originally Posted by croudson View Post
      I am interested to know which Mark it is modelled on. With only one wing radiator it is presumably an early mark. Looking forward to its release.
      According to their previous announcements the first will be the Mk1A but they are also working on a Mk VB.
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