• Review: Aerosoft CRJ 550/700 For MSFS 2020

    CRJ 550/700 For MSFS

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    Joshua Moore

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    Introduction And History

    The Bombardier CRJ is a commercial airliner that has become synonymous with traveling on regional routes around the world. Having first entered service in 1992 with Lufthansa Cityline, it has since become one of the most popular regional airliners on the market, with 1,945 aircraft delivered when it finished production in December of 2020. The smallest variant of the CRJ, the 100/200 model, is very well known throughout the United States as being cramped and uncomfortable, but super fun to fly from the pilot's perspective. The longer and slightly more liked CRJ 550/700 is a stretched version of the original, and the CRJ 900 and 1000 are lengthened even further. Aerosoft's CRJ for Microsoft Flight Simulator focuses on the CRJ 550/700, with an expansion pack for the 900 and 1000 coming in the near future. Throughout this review I have had a fantastic experience flying the CRJ around the United States and Europe, and I invite you to join me going through the first intensive systems payware airliner for MSFS 2020!

    Disclaimer: when I say my friend, I am referring to a good friend of mine who is a CRJ captain. He picked up a trip that had a layover at the airport close to me and we met up to go through the systems. I am referring to much of what he said in this review. Enjoy!

    Aerosoft - CRJ 550/700 for MSFS 2020     Aerosoft - CRJ 550/700 for MSFS 2020

    Aerosoft - CRJ 550/700 for MSFS 2020     Aerosoft - CRJ 550/700 for MSFS 2020

    Aerosoft - CRJ 550/700 for MSFS 2020     Aerosoft - CRJ 550/700 for MSFS 2020


    The tablet included in the aircraft is quite functional, but I would like to see some more improvements, including Navigraph charts and Simbrief compatibility. These two enhancements have become mainstream in flight simulators such as X-Plane 11 with its tablet seen in the Zibo. The Tablet does give you the ability to load the aircraft payload and fuel and has a great set of options to customize your aircraft. One thing I saw was the ability to have either a single or dual cue flight director, and as far as my friend knows, the CRJ does not have a dual cue FD, only the single cue, so that is what I fly with on the CRJ.

    Aerosoft - CRJ 550/700 for MSFS 2020

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    1. pinkyjr's Avatar
      pinkyjr -
      Again with the insane prices for half-functional models! Their P3D CRJ is, however, amazing.
    1. HornetAircraft's Avatar
      HornetAircraft -
      Quote Originally Posted by pinkyjr View Post
      Again with the insane prices for half-functional models! Their P3D CRJ is, however, amazing.
      Unsure with what you mean by "half functional". I had a Real CRJ pilot go through all the systems and he found almost all of them to work exactly as they should
    1. clankilp's Avatar
      clankilp -
      I've become amused since realizing many IRL pilots tend to gloss over the relatively minor deficiencies in addons these days, yet so many simmers declare the same addon to be "unusable" after discovering the slightest inaccuracy or unreliability.

      And while it IS cool to watch a properly programmed modern airliner essentially fly itself through complicated flight plans for hours at a time, it also becomes extremely boring in short order.

      Maybe it's because I mainly fly military jets, which have extremely basic auto-pilots, and i'm simply accustomed to hand-flying almost the entire flight, even if it's a "Cat III" approach. It's far more satisfying to hand fly the aircraft in difficult conditions than get upset with the addon programmers because the autopilot isn't programmed reliably.

      It's good to hear the IRL CRJ pilot was impressed with this addon, and the CRJ seems like a good fit for my interest in airliner ops: short haul flights with lots of "that pilot stuff" happening.
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