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    Cologne Bonn International Airport is one of the largest cargo hubs in Germany, home to UPS and FedEx hubs, as well as the hub for passenger carrier Eurowings. Cologne Bonn airport was first established at a former artillery training range in the Wahner Heide nature reserve in 1939 by the German Luftwaffe. Sadly I was unable to find any more info regarding its use by the Luftwaffe during the war besides its name, Wahn airbase.

    After the war it was named RAF Wahn and used by the Royal Air Force who built a new 1,886m long runway, a new control tower, and a few hangars. The airport was opened for commercial service in 1951 and has grown ever since. In the 50s and 60s the longer 14L/32R was constructed and the Boeing 747 made its first flight from Cologne to New York in 1970.

    Today it is the 6th busiest airport in Germany, seeing 142,500 aircraft movements, 12,354,398 passengers, and 814,600 tons of cargo in 2019. If you would like to see an incredible aerial photographic history of this airport, check out this web site with a wonderful set of photographs! Koln/Bonn Airport, Germany - Military Airfield Directory (mil-airfields.de)

    Aerosoft - Airport Cologne Bonn     Aerosoft - Airport Cologne Bonn

    Aerosoft - Airport Cologne Bonn     Aerosoft - Airport Cologne Bonn

    A Small Prelude

    Cologne Airport holds a special place in my heart due to my flightsim history. It is the first airport I flew out of with the PMDG 737 in FS2004 back in 2017 to Frankfurt. It was only a short 35 minute flight with my good friend from Germany so he could show me how to fly the aircraft. We pushed from what was at the time Gate D7 (now gate D18) and departed runway 14L. That flight would forever change my flight sim experience, going from a 9th grader that flew freeware aircraft with no systems, to someone who cannot now fly an aircraft without a good VC and a full/mostly complete set of aircraft systems. The scenery I used and still use in FS2004 for Cologne is by Aerosoft, and it is the coolest opportunity for me to come full circle to review this special airport in MSFS 2020. With that, let's start the review!

    First Look

    So as not to bore you with my FS2004 experience I will not say much more about it, but I did have the smallest of hesitations when first loading this airport. I have a good amount of the Aerosoft airports in FS2004 and I always thought they looked the same and used a lot of the same textures, and I had that same thought in my head while the sim was loading up (which was quite fast surprisingly). As soon as the flight loaded, every single one of those thoughts left me. This airport blew me away from the first second I saw it, and continued to do so for the entire time I was looking around at all the details. I won't spoil much at the very beginning, but the attention to detail Aerosoft has put into this airport is incredible. It makes use of the latest textures, including parallax textures for the upper Terminal One windows, while the main parts of the terminal are rendered in 3D with the most amazing details. The quality does not drop for the entirety of the airport, and throughout the whole experience there was an incredible sense of immersion I have not experienced in any other MSFS scenery.

    Aerosoft - Airport Cologne Bonn     Aerosoft - Airport Cologne Bonn

    Aerosoft - Airport Cologne Bonn     Aerosoft - Airport Cologne Bonn

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