• Aeroplane Heaven Describes Issues With MSFS 2020 Development


    In recent times we have been receiving many comments on when we will be releasing products for MSFS. So this would be a good time to cover some points that people may not be aware of and might serve as an explanation as to why things are taking much longer than they used to.

    We know that it is often easier to blame the sim for shortcomings when something is late or not up to standard and some devs do this quite a lot. We don't blame the sim unless there is due cause for complaint.

    The fact is though, currently MSFS can only be described as "early access" at best, from a developer's perspective. The simulator is still unstable and the constant flow of "upgrades" only serves to increase that instability. Development for the sim is a nightmare. The SDK (Software Development Kit) is still incomplete with large sections missing altogether. This means developers like us have to spend considerable time working out what may be missing and then code up a workaround to suit. For example, castoring tailwheels are still not covered in the sim even though they have developed a range of taildraggers themselves!

    Engine code is up the creek to put it mildly - boost control in something like a Spitfire is non-existant and ground-handling? Forget it.

    So, when you ask when a product like the Spitfire will be released, you may now understand why we say "when it is ready".

    Our Spitfire Mk1A has so much bespoke code it isn't funny. Just to get a workaround for missing or faulty code in the sim.

    Sound production is way more complex than it ever used to be and there are very few commercial producers making sound-packs for add-on aircraft. Those that are, understandably, are charging much larger fees for the extra work. To the point where it is uneconomical for smaller developers like us to buy in. So, here we go again, big learning curve to produce the special files required for a soundpack in MSFS.

    All of this will get better but it will take time. All we ask is for patience and some understanding that the old days of FSX and P3D development are long gone. Sales for P3D are tumbling and much like it is in the world outside, life will never be the same for any of us.


    1. rooitou's Avatar
      rooitou -
      Yeah I feel sorry for the smaller developers who are clearly hit by a double-whammy of declining FSX/P3D sales and the MSFS quandary. I for one am not getting any aircraft (or scenery) for MSFS unless it is massively discounted or free. I'm not prepared to be frustrated by expensive, inoperable aircraft every two weeks when Asobo comes with new game-breaking bugs, while neglecting to address even the most basic of flight-sim features such as a fly-by view.
    1. wjmcdermott's Avatar
      wjmcdermott -
      Thanks for sharing.
    1. Mawingo's Avatar
      Mawingo -
      One thing from me: X-Plane
    1. meloscanlon's Avatar
      meloscanlon -
      I really appreciate your explanation and efforts. Really looking forward to your Spitfires!
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