• EGLK - Blackbushe Airport By LN Design v1.2 Update Released

    EGLK - Blackbushe Airport By LN Design v1.2 Released For MSFS

    This update in mainly user-driven. After a long run of suggestions and reports on our discord we finally achieved another milestone with the EGLK Blackbushe scenery.

    As always, keeping track of users reports and wishes is priority at LN Design, so this update comes to users, from users.

    Changelog v1.2

    • Taxiways made darker
    • Runway made just a bit darker than taxiways
    • Added BCA Building (don't expect the same details of airport ground buildings)
    • Added sponsoring in the control tower model
    • Tweaked bush size in front of the Bushe Café
    • Removed all possible trees from the grass apron
    • Tweaked layering to get a more homogeneous snow coverage in winter (mostly snow was missing on closed runways)

    If you encounter any performance loss in the scenery (of course while you DO NOT have issues elsewhere) please let me know so we can dig what's going on and why.

    About Blackbushe Airport

    Blackbushe is an airport in the Hampshire county. Built during the WWII and first named "RAF Hartfordbridge", it was also one of the first home airports to the FIDO (Fog Investigation and Dispersal Operation) system. The airport was renamed as "RAF Blackbushe" due to confusion over a similar area in Norfolk in 1944, and on November 1946, RAF moved out handing it to the Ministry of Civil Aviation. From that day it became "Blackbushe Airport".

    Now it's an actively growing airport, with great plans and investments for the future, going in a stage of re-modernization and rehab for its structures.

    EGLK - Blackbushe Airport By LN Design Released For MSFS

    This scenery aims to take a snapshot of the actual (2020/early 2021) airport layout.

    It's full of details, you'll see yourself, and the main goal is not just to provide "another airport", but to give the pilot feelings about it. We wanted it to trigger some wow-effect to whoever has seen its real life counterpart, and provide accuracy in the layout so anybody can confront real pictures with the virtual airport.

    EGLK - Blackbushe Airport By LN Design Released For MSFS


    • 1:1 scale buildings, accurately modeled using DOZENS of reference pictures
    • Detailed and stunningly accurate layout
    • Love for the project and care about details
    • Original satellite image tweaked to remove imperfections (planes on aprons and grass, helicopters, etc.)
    • Ongoing VFR surroundings references
    • Fine-tuned navaids to be as close as possible to reality, with tweaked vegetation, correct PAPI lights for GS, etc.
    • Outstandingly accurate night lighting
    • Added tower interiors
    • Added collision boxes with most buildings
    • Added missing signage at the entrance and near the apron
    • Vegetation correction and improvements in the general layout

    EGLK - Blackbushe Airport By LN Design Released For MSFS

    EGLK - Blackbushe Airport By LN Design Released For MSFS

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