• MSFS 2020 April 15th 2021 Development Update

    MSFS 2020 April 15th 2021 Development Update

    Based on community reporting, the team is preparing a hotfix for a few issues that are affecting the community. We will be sure to keep the community updated on the progress and potential release time frame, but it will be soon!

    The issues we will be including:

    • WASM stand alone modules used in some add-ons are no longer working
    • Cockpit screens can be unresponsive if the RTC is not skipped

    In addition to the team is also aware that some users have had an issue with their log book where they end up losing all their hours. We understand the importance of this issue and the entire team is fully onboard investigating this issue and while we have nothing to report today, we will be sure to provide an update as soon as we know more. As always we thank you for the feedback and reports on our recent World Update!

    Don't forget we have our first SDK Q&A next Wednesday, April 21st at 10:30am PDT (1730Z)! We hope to see and chat with anyone who has been interested in asking questions about our SDK. The team is also excited to partner again with NVIDIA this week on our Screenshot Challenge - check here for details!

    SDK Update


    • Added a special Xbox Series X|S page in the documentation area where we compiled all available information about "How to adapt your content for Xbox" (including samples and guidelines)
    • Updated the modelling documentation.
    • Updated the Project Editor pages.

    Dev Mode:

    • In the Scenery Editor, we disabled a false positive error message box that appeared randomly when building aircraft packages.
    • We also fixed a crash when editing runway terraforming profiles.

    MSFS 2020 World Update IV: France/Benelux Now Available

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    1. stevetag's Avatar
      stevetag -
      I've had other issues show up, first time i have had issues with an update:
      1) the update shut off all data so my catalogue was empty
      2) since figuring that out, all the downloads in my Community folder work but are listed as Not Downloaded in the catalogue
      3) I can no longer search airports by name for U.S. airports, I can by the Ident #'s only
      4) coming out of pause shuts off the throttle
      Very sloppy update
    1. Gpurg's Avatar
      Gpurg -
      Same Issue: After the recent Update, all the Downloads in my Community folder still appear to work, but several are listed as "Not Downloaded", and Not "Owned", in the Catalog? However, they Are Owned, Downloaded, and Function....
    1. dogdish's Avatar
      dogdish -
      Since they broke the installed items as being "Not Downloaded", perhaps they could also fix it so if one has purchased outside of the Marketplace (ORBX Central for example), they will show up all ready owned.
    1. RRKC135's Avatar
      RRKC135 -
      Third party aircraft do not work as they should since the update before the hot fix. As far as small round dial aircraft, the only one usable is the native 172. Things are getting worse.
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