• Where in the World Feature 130

    Number 129 had us to the frigid north of Nunavut in Canada, to the NW passage and Roger Wensley's add-on scenery for Gjoa Haven, CYHK.

    Where In The World?     Where In The World?

    Those who ventured out for an answer:

    Tim Wright
    Charlie Aron
    Dick Bronson
    Reid Gearhart
    Sergio Almendra
    Dennis Knight
    George Meyhoefer
    Lou Wassenaar
    Lyndon Nelson
    Mateusz Mucha
    Scott Carpenter
    Damian vonStauffenberg
    Gary Sheppard
    Hugh McLean
    Scott Simmons
    Steve Morley
    Torben Andersen
    Christian Bachmann
    Thomas Pedersen
    Joe Bowers
    Russell Maclennan-Jones
    Bob Bina
    Robert Smyth
    "Just Jerry"
    Larry Sharer
    John Gardiner
    Paul Kiver
    Michael Polley
    Bastian Blinten
    David Tinker
    Jason Kovacs
    Melo Scanlon
    Wolfgang Ahl
    Daniel Kittler
    Otto Hans Nitsch
    Thomas Oftedal
    Mike Guttman
    Dieter Mennecke
    Randy Ahlfinger
    Stephen Floyd

    Where In The World?     Where In The World?

    Some equally frigid locations offered:

    • Wrangel Island, Russia
    • Cape Chelyuskin (UODL), Russia

    This is an amazing landmark, #130 and roughly 13 years! Y'all be amazing!

    This rather young airport (inaugurated in the 1970s) is beautifully located in the nature. Some years ago it was renamed to be more- associated with the city it is serving. However, most residents still prefer to use the nearby airport, in the next country, instead because it is more easily accessed by car or train. Where in the World are we this time? Our submission this time is from Ulf Kristoffersson - thank you for keeping this feature going.

    Where In The World?

    Where In The World?     Where In The World?

    Please send in your best guess to: [email protected]

    Ron Blehm
    Email 1: [email protected]
    Email 2: [email protected]
    Insta: @flyinflounder

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