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    Air Hauler 2

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    Capitalising on their previous Air Hauler product, Air Hauler 2 has introduced several new features that can now be experienced within all the latest generation of flight simulators. Notable changes now include the options for passenger and cargo flights, plus flight crew training.

    Just Flight - Air Hauler 2     Just Flight - Air Hauler 2

    Starting Your Own Airline (Setup)

    To begin with of course you need to get set up. I found this to be an easy and straight forward procedure as there were prompts throughout the whole process. You can even upload your own logo and make your own ICAO code.

    After choosing a name, you then had to choose a difficulty level, which directly changes your aircraft and reputation score. Not all the features are available at a lower reputation score, so it was recommended that I select the 'Easy Pax' mode as this had a reputation score of 60%, which automatically unlocks all the features and had the most assets.

    There is also a 'Career' mode, and I liked how realistic it was in the sense that you only started out with a Cessna 172 aircraft, 20% reputation, and only £250,000. This meant it would take a lot longer to generate the capital required for expansion. You could also take out loans up to a maximum of around 10 million pounds.


    When it came to acquiring aircraft, you had the option of both leasing and purchasing them. In regard to the former, you had the options of acquiring them brand new, or second hand. Leasing however was a bit of a disappointment in that you were only able to dry-lease an aircraft.

    Dry leasing is the term given when you simply hire an aircraft, with the opposite being wet-leasing where you acquire not only the aircraft (for a specific time frame) but also the crew and other amenities. This is a vital feature that I would have liked to have seen Just Flight include as this is a lifesaver for startups as it helps to save money with crew training.

    Just Flight - Air Hauler 2

    Type Rating

    Flight crew training is required just like in real life, with pilots undergoing type rating training for specific aircraft. Yet again, I absolutely loved this feature for its realism, but I must stress that the timeframe needed for this training (often months), in no way reflects that of real life. Due to the way everything is played out, it only took 24 hours for my pilot to gain his type rating. Convenient yes...realistic, no.


    After successfully completing your training, there is the option to unlock the ad-hoc charter feature. Air charter is such a vibrant business within aviation, with some airlines being entirely based just around this method of business. However, only certain elements of this were available to me, with none being offered to my hired pilots.

    1. ColR1948's Avatar
      ColR1948 -
      I've been using this for a few years, it's a great add-on, makes flight sim more interesting, only trouble I found was, I was making lots of money but it wasn't real lol.

    1. jlaird1956's Avatar
      jlaird1956 -
      Will Air Hauler 2 ever be available for Fs2004? I too have loved the original Air Hauler For Fs9 for years and won’t fly without it. Doesn’t air hauler 2 connect to FSX through fsuipc? Couldn’t that be the same for Fs2004? I would be one happy camper if it could and would be first in line to update to Air Hauler 2!
    1. gryper's Avatar
      gryper -
      This thing has a lot of glitches. Pilots that wont fly the routes you assign them, lots of format glitches that you need to hit refresh to see a change, if you get too big of business you get slow CPU performance and lagging. The program acts as though it was made for Windows 95. Very old-looking. I would not pay the suggested price for this. It has a lot of problems. If you keep it simple as possible, you might get some fun out of it. If this was brought into the proper decade and maybe modernized, this thing might have some potential, but it isn't worth the price tag, now.
    1. dougharless's Avatar
      dougharless -
      Something needs to be done to make this program more modern. When your company gets big, I mean like 160 employees and aircraft for them, the program constantly crashes due to being out of memory. My machine has 32gb of the best and fastest RAM available. I can't use the pilot travel too function in the game more than once without the program running out of memory. It uses way too much processing power as well. If you want to have an itty bitty company with hardly any aircraft, it will work fine. Otherwise don't do something incredibly stupid and wasted your money twice like I did (FS2020 and Xplane11 versions) Also, there are never any updates for this game. You make products in your factories and then can't sale them anywhere. I have asked for years for this to be resolved, and got the response, "I will just be printing money, I have to think it through how to do it" Really? You are just printing money anyway, and how many years do you need to think it through? You really need to think of a way to make this game better so it won't crash to the desktop every minute or so. Don't waste your money.
    1. jlaird1956's Avatar
      jlaird1956 -
      Does anybody know if Air Hauler 2 will work for X-Plane 12?
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