• HST Simulations Updates Progress on xAmbience

    HST Simulations Updates Progress on xAmbience

    HST Simulations have issued a statement regarding their environmental add-on "xAmbience" for X-Plane 11 (release date in a few weeks):

    Weekly Report #2: xAmbience Pro - What's left before release? - HST Simulations.

    Welcome to Weekly Report #2. The all difficults are behind and we are back to this.

    Today we will talk about: current xAmbience Pro progress, 3D Clouds development resume and other upcoming events.

    HST Simulations Updates Progress on xAmbience

    What's left for release?

    In general, we are almost at the finish line. There are 2 elements left: a system for mixing samples of clouds (this is a system that interferes with the samples in the rendering stream and makes the clouds do not repeat) and debugging some functions. And there are a lot of these little things that are in progress right now, but we're expecting a general completion next week.

    We have done a lot of work on optimization, modernization of all plugin processes. We redid almost everything. There are only a few small functions left. After that we will start testing with EA (Early Access team) and public launch. After that - we will go further. Namely, in 3D clouds. More on this in the next chapter.

    Our plan for xAmbience Pro v1.00 Launch.

    Now we plan to finish within a week (maybe a little more than a week) all the work that needs to be completed before entering the release candidate. After that, will be released 3 videos of product feature preview, where you will be able to see every feature. After that, we will short-term test all the main work and launch media access (media will have access to an early version of xA Pro and show you live or something else in action), after that we plan to approve the build for release and launch. We plan to implement this entire plan within a few weeks.

    So, right now plan is: Final Works -> Testing -> Feature Preview -> Media -> Launch!

    xAmbience Pro: Further 3D Clouds

    Work on 3D clouds has been resumed in full. There was a break due to the fact that we were preparing xA Pro 1.00 for release, and we were only focused on that. A small brief: Now we are working with new people who have joined us and will help us set up the production of this pipeline. 3D clouds will be compatible with upcoming X-Plane 12 and Vulcan. FPS will not fall. The visual part will be changed beyond recognition. We will talk about this in the next development update.


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