• Review: Drzewiecki Design - RJAA Tokyo Narita For MSFS 2020

    Tokyo Narita RJAA

    Publisher: Drzewiecki Design

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    Joshua Moore

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    Known as the gateway to Japan, Tokyo Narita International Airport is one of the largest airports in Japan and is situated approximately 65 km, or 40 miles from downtown Tokyo. First opened in 1978, it is the largest airport in Japan for international flights and cargo, with 44.3 million passengers and 2 million tons of cargo passing through the airport in 2019. In terms of aircraft movements, it was second only to Tokyo Haneda and ranks as the tenth busiest freight hub in the world. Narita serves as a hub for All Nippon Airways, Nippon Cargo Airlines, Japan Airlines, and low-cost carriers Peach and Jetstar Japan.

    Drzewiecki Design - Tokyo Narita For MSFS 2020

    Drzewiecki Design - Tokyo Narita For MSFS 2020     Drzewiecki Design - Tokyo Narita For MSFS 2020


    The installation process for Tokyo Narita is quite simple. The download file is 2.5 GB and includes just one EXE file that you run. It automatically detects and installs the scenery into your community folder. I would like to see an option to remove the static aircraft, because while they are of very high quality, not everyone would like them in the scenery, myself included.

    Note: some of the screen shots were taken after the World Update 3. With the new update the taxiway lighting for the airport was destroyed and made it almost impossible to get a good screen shot of the airport from high up. I've taken as much care as possible to avoid including them in screen shots, but they are in some. If they don't look like they should be there, they aren't, and before the update the taxiway lighting was perfect. It should be fixed in an update. Now, on with the review!

    First Impressions

    My first impressions of Drzewiecki Design's rendition of Narita were very positive. It looked very natural and of high quality, with the terminal modeling being some of the best I have seen. Looking beyond what one would see when only at the gate, I explored the terminals, the interiors of which are modeled and look stunning, really adding to the immersion of the airport.

    The custom ortho tiles of the airport are also well done and blend with the surrounding scenery flawlessly. The mesh is one of the highlights, with all the roads that weave under the runways and taxiways given a very lifelike appearance.

    Drzewiecki Design - Tokyo Narita For MSFS 2020     Drzewiecki Design - Tokyo Narita For MSFS 2020

    Drzewiecki Design - Tokyo Narita For MSFS 2020     Drzewiecki Design - Tokyo Narita For MSFS 2020

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