• Aeroplane Heaven Previews AS1000 And AS3x Units

    Aeroplane Heaven Previews AS1000 And AS3x Units

    Aeroplane Heaven have shared some preview images of the AS1000 and AS3x units found in their upcoming Mustang for MSFS:

    We're putting off, for as long as possible, the riveting task of ... riveting the Mustang. So here are the WW2 era AS1000 and AS3x units.

    Completely optional, AS3x will have a working autopilot (stock functionality), the AS1000 is a big unit so it won't have the autopilot (is being used for a larger classic aeroplane which will have an AP). And yes we've got something else planned for people who want to keep it the full vintage 40's experience.

    Aeroplane Heaven Previews AS1000 And AS3x Units

    Aeroplane Heaven Previews AS1000 And AS3x Units

    Aeroplane Heaven Previews AS1000 And AS3x Units


    1. kathryn's Avatar
      kathryn -
      What is this abomination?
      How can you even consider this?
      We want authentic aircraft, not something as ugly and foreign to the aircraft as this monstrosity must surely be.
      Please don't stray from your previously exceptional output.
    1. JeremyM's Avatar
      JeremyM -
      Great to have the mustang coming to MS 2020, but in all honestly that G1000 looks ridiculous. If you want to have a modern GPS unit for this aircraft, it would be far more tasteful to use a little Garmin 495 bolt on over the dash or down in the cockpit somewhere that's easily accessible.

      Thanks for your hard work on this aircraft. The huge G1000 unit just doesn't look good, even with some steam gauge looking fakery around it. It just makes it look like something out of the Fall Out series.
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