• IndiaFoxtEcho - MB-339 v1.21b Released for MSFS

    IndiaFoxtEcho - MB-339 for MSFS

    We know that the latest update of the MB-339 has created some problems to third party liveries - we had arranged the files so that this should not happen theoretically but it did. We hope it has only been a minor inconvenience, and the update was worth it.

    As a small sign of gratitude for your patience and your support, we have decided to release yet another update which introduces the MLU variant for the MB-339 - that will appear as a separate aircraft.

    The MLU variant is unique to the Italian Air Force and is only available in the ghost grey livery. It is also depicted with the 500 liters cylindical tanks, as opposed to the older ellipical ones, although it can mount both in reality. You can easily tell MLU from non-MLU aircrafts as the MLU have the formation lights, and the non-MLU do not.

    Note that the cockpit layout, for all versions, was already the MLU variant and the PAN version is, more correctly, a PAN-MLU.

    Speaking of the PAN version, we have changed the suit and the helmet of the rear seat occupant to olive drab + HGU-55 as this is a more common sight... blue suits with special HGU-33 are typically reserved for the Frecce Tricolori pilots while backseaters have "regular" flight gear...

    MB-339 MLU model

    Changelog Version 1.21b

    • Added A-MLU Model (as separate aircraft)
    • Improved internal engine sounds (jet whine volume increased)
    • Rear pilot figure of MB-339 pan has now HGU-55 helmet and olive drab suit (as most commonly seen IRL)

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