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    Flying the Compass - Airwego Virtual Airline Group

    The core purpose of a virtual airline, from the viewpoint of Airwego, is to provide a platform for its members to enjoy the hobby while expanding their own knowledge of flight simulation.

    This belief has been at the heart of our VA since we took to the virtual skies in 2000. Through many iterations of Microsoft Flight Simulator, P3D & X-Plane we have endeavoured to support those sims to the best of our abilities with the resources available as we strive to fulfill this belief.

    Following a review of our long standing Aircraft Policy we concluded a change was required to continue to support both multiple platforms and allow our crew members to maximise the opportunity to fly their favoured aircraft.

    Traditionally virtual airlines would allocate a single aircraft type to a route. We have moved away from this approach and created Aircraft Groups.

    Aircraft within a Group will have similar runway, range and payload performance and so allows the aircraft within a Group to operate the same route and ultimately give our crew the choice of aircraft that can be used on that route.

    Prior to booking your flight you will see within the schedules the Aircraft Group allocated to a route. On retrieving your booking with Compass2020 (our in-house developed Flight Reporting ACARS software) you can then select which aircraft within the Group you will be using.

    From the viewpoint of a virtual aviator who has perhaps has invested either time or money into their favoured aircraft type this increases the number of routes available from our current schedule database of over two thousand routes. This new policy extends right across our virtual airline including our highly popular library of tours.

    If you would like to find out more about a virtual airline that promises "minimum rules, maximum fun" then please visit our web site.


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