• Rolling Cumulus - Jeff Masters - Where is Lina Leylan?

    Rolling Cumulus - Jeff Masters - Where is Lina Leylan?

    Hi pilots, my name is Jeff Masters. I am a detective and pilot. I have been contracted by Duke Leylan to find his daughter Lina. She went missing two weeks ago while surfing in the Caribbean coast of Panama. Good pay by the Duke who is worried and mad since Lina is what he calls "A Foot Loose kind of girl".

    So off I go to Colon Panama, where I'll start the search. This coast is full of islands and many, many airfields, at least thirteen but there are more. Since I like to make things easy I will need an experienced pilot who knows the area. How about you? You look as if you like adventure and lots of flying. By joining me you will also do some detective work by looking for needed clues to find this girl! OK, no time to waste, get in your plane and follow me...

    Rolling Cumulus - Jeff Masters - Where is Lina Leylan?

    • Thirteen airfields to check and find clues to find Lina
    • Grass, dirt and asphalt airstrips
    • Optimized for MSFS 2020
    • Use any aircraft in your hangar
    • Unique documentation which you will use for the search
    • Optional flight plan which you don't really need!

    Rolling Cumulus - Jeff Masters - Where is Lina Leylan?

    Rolling Cumulus - Jeff Masters - Where is Lina Leylan?

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    1. Agent Orange's Avatar
      Agent Orange -
      Is this mission pack only for FS20, or do you also have a version for FSX?
    1. Nels_Anderson's Avatar
      Nels_Anderson -
      The product description in the store always shows exactly what sims a product is for. This one is only for MSFS 2020.
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