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    Munich is the heart of Bavaria, the capital of south east Germany. The airport handles 48 million people in a good year and opens up connections to the world. sim-wings are a long-standing developer in the flight simulator scene and have been developing high-quality airports for almost two decades.

    Aerosoft - sim-wings - Munich for MSFS 2020     Aerosoft - sim-wings - Munich for MSFS 2020

    sim-wings have recently released their own rendition of Munich Airport within Microsoft Flight Simulator, their second release for the new platform. Today we will take a look at this scenery in detail and see if it holds up to their usual level of high quality.

    What/Where Is It?

    Munich Airport is just outside of the main city of Munich itself, located to the north east. It has two runways, two terminals and serves as a hub for both Lufthansa and their CityLine division. The airport handled 47.9 million passengers in 2019, making it the 15th busiest airport in the world. It is also relatively new, having only opened in 1992 when it replaced the original Munich-Riem Airport.


    Installation of sim-wings Munich is very simple through the flightsim.com store. You receive an installer download and an activation key for the add-on. Run the installer, point it to the direction of your simulator's 'Community' folder, input your key and the rest is automated.

    Once the scenery has downloaded, you are then given a pop-up where the add-on offers to install a local copy of NavDataPro with Munich charts included for free. It's a nice feature that I highly recommend installing and one I will go into detail later in this review.

    Aerosoft - sim-wings - Munich for MSFS 2020     Aerosoft - sim-wings - Munich for MSFS 2020

    Structures And Facilities

    sim-wings have completely transformed the scenery in and around the airport. This includes re-worked terrain data too, allowing for cars and road traffic to pass underneath taxiways in tunnels.

    The terminal has been completely hand-built and looks spot-on when compared to their real-world counterparts. Modelling and texturing has been made to a very high standard and this very much stands out. Small details including gate numbers written alongside the service roads which ground crew use to navigate by, the airport logo and Lufthansa logo on dedicated gates are included, plus roof vents and sky lights are all modelled and really add to the sense of scale you get within the airport.

    Another part of the terminal model I adore is the fact that the interior has also been included and to a very high degree! Windows are transparent which means you can see benches and even a few duty-free stores. The entrance to Terminal 2 is also something to behold, the red and grey floor contrasts with the open skylight and Lufthansa advert that overlooks the main doors and looks fantastic.

    Jet bridges are also custom and function with the default simulator Ground Services. These come in two styles, open triangular window for Terminal 2 and covered for Terminal 1. These are also covered with advertisements for O2. Functional jet bridges are a massive bonus with any scenery, having a variety of these adds to the detail and depth that this add-on brings. sim-wings have also noted that they aim to implement working Safegates (VDGS) at each gate as soon as the simulator SDK allows for this to work.

    Aerosoft - sim-wings - Munich for MSFS 2020     Aerosoft - sim-wings - Munich for MSFS 2020

    The remote stands of Terminal 1 also feature a series of out-buildings connected to jet bridges. While generally airports will have used airstairs to allow passengers to board and disembark, these are fully-functional bridges that are disconnected to the main terminal building. Once again sim-wings have added these to their scenery and I'm sure people that have used these stands in the past will appreciate the depth that these developers have gone into adding these smaller details.

    To the south is the Lufthansa Cargo Terminal and here too you can see a very high-quality model, complete with textures that fill the airport environment. These include cargo loaders and containers which are dotted around the stands and doors. Once again the car park has been populated with vehicles, and even the lorry park around the rear side of the warehouse has lorries parked up and ready to take their load away. Between the cargo terminal and train station which has also been modelled (complete with local trains), is a walkway bridge that allows workers to access the station without the need to cross the busy road.

    It doesn't matter which part of the airport you're in, you can really appreciate the lengths that sim-wings have gone to give us a faithful rendition of this airport. If Munich has it in real-life, Munich in MSFS has it too!

    Aerosoft - sim-wings - Munich for MSFS 2020     Aerosoft - sim-wings - Munich for MSFS 2020

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