• Indiafoxtecho - Where Is The Goshawk?

    Indiafoxtecho - Where Is The Goshawk?

    So...it is February 28th, where is the T-45C Goshawk?

    Well, we believe the current build is good enough for release, but we are polishing it even more and adding a couple of features that were not intended for the initial release originally. Also, we are working on a very detailed manual - we think you will need it as the simulation is quite detailed.

    We do not like calling any of our flight simulation products "study level" - we believe that a true "study level" product should be almost 100% accurate and, more importantly, does not instigate or promote an incorrect operation of the real world aircraft... and the T-45 is definitely not a "study level" product in that sense. However we feel that it is a quite detailed rendition of the aircraft and we hope it will be good enough for most users.

    The biggest shortcomings, in our opinion are the following:

    • HUD is not collimated and has problems with TAA
    • Some functionalities of the HSI page are not completely implemented (for one, the PLAN mode only shows the next waypoint as opposed to the full flight plan planimetric view)
    • The aircraft does not bleed energy as much as it should during tight turns (although this is a more general problem of MSFS)
    • Some BIT test sequences are incorrect or missing
    • DEP can only be used to set CRS, HDG, LAW and BINGO.

    These are by no means the only shortcomings of this product, but we are confident that pretty much everything else is negligible. Price will be $29.99 USD - tentative release date: March 8th (fingers crossed).

    IndiaFoxtEcho Reports Beta 1 Build of T-45C Complete

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