• Freeware Focus: Coromandel New Zealand

    Freeware Focus: Coromandel New Zealand

    By Joshua Moore

    Coromandel New Zealand is one of those places you don't hear much about in flight simulation, but no longer! A beautiful piece of freeware recently caught my eye in the FlightSim.Com library, and with only 420 downloads, I consider this a hidden gem! This happens to be a former payware scenery by Godzone of the Coromandel region of New Zealand, with some enhancements for four different airports in the photo-real area. The result is a stunning piece of scenery that you can explore in amazing detail!

    About The Scenery

    Coromandel was in a line of former payware sceneries developed by Robin Corn over at Godzone scenery design and later released as freeware. As such it is of very high quality and I found no issues regarding blurry textures that can often be found on some photo-real sceneries. The scenery itself covers around 800 square miles in standard 4.7 meter per pixel resolution with the autogen tiling added by Ian Warren. The airport enhancements and other adjustments included in the package were made by Lawrie Roache, Charl du Toit, and Ephram Matheson. As mentioned above, the overall scenery is of very high quality with a good amount of autogen included and accurately placed. The airports themselves are not custom made, but rather are made up of the buildings and objects found in the installed libraries. While they aren't perfect representations of their real world counterparts, they do look very nice and add an extra level of immersion!


    Installation is a simple process, though a little tedious and slow due to the amount of add-on libraries needed for it. The readme included in the Coromandel download will list all the required add-on libraries which are available to download online. Once the required add-on libraries are installed, simply copy the scenery into your Flight Simulator 2004/Addon Scenery folder and activate both the Photo-real and Airports in your Scenery.cfg.

    Quick tip - the scenery libraries can be installed into Addon Scenery/Scenery and Texture UNLESS stated to avoid unnecessary scenery.cfg entries.

    First Impressions

    I load up my aircraft, which for today's flight is the Carenado A33 Bonanza with one of my own repaints, and start off at Coromandel (NZCX) in the northwest corner of New Zealand. I depart and fly south along the coastline to Thames Aerodrome (NZTH) on the southwest side of the scenery. This leg of the flight has some beautiful views of the west coast into the Firth of Thames. The mountains come right up to the waters edge and small towns are found along the coastline (it kind of has a Hawaii feeling to it). This leg showcases the full use of this photo-scenery with a good mesh, which in my case, is FSGlobal 2010. There are several good freeware alternatives online however if you do not own FSGlobal.

    FS2004 Coromandel, New Zealand     FS2004 Coromandel, New Zealand

    FS2004 Coromandel, New Zealand     FS2004 Coromandel, New Zealand

    For the second leg I depart Thames Aerodrome to the southeast before making a left turn to fly east to Pauanui Beach Aerodrome (NZUN). This leg takes us over the mountains and to the eastern shores bordering the Pacific Ocean.

    FS2004 Coromandel, New Zealand     FS2004 Coromandel, New Zealand

    After landing at Pauanui Beach, I depart and head back north up the coast to Whitianaga (NZWT). Flying along the coastline takes me past several beaches and cliffs ending in the ocean. Before landing, I fly over Whitianaga at altitude to see how the area looks in terms of the water, as the small rivers feed into the bay right by the airport. The result the scenery achieved isn't perfect, but is a limitation of FS2004 and looks very nice all the same!

    FS2004 Coromandel, New Zealand

    FS2004 Coromandel, New Zealand     FS2004 Coromandel, New Zealand

    1. aerofoto's Avatar
      aerofoto -
      Coromandel Peninsula's a very pretty part of the world/NZ (geographically) .... and is pretty much "right on my own real world doorstep".

      GODZONE produced a number of similar NZ regional scenery subjects for FS2004 (I think some/a few might have been updated for FSX, but, aren't sure) .... Auckland City, Taranaki, Wellington, and Marlborough from memory and which despite their age and FS generation are still "very enjoyable and worthy of consideration" .... and all of which I think are available right here at FS.COM

    1. W33's Avatar
      W33 -
      Very nice article, many thanks for putting it together.

    1. darrenvox's Avatar
      darrenvox -
      nice article dude
    1. rooitou's Avatar
      rooitou -
      Wonder what a side-by-side screenshot/video comparison will look like of (1) this, (2) ORBX in FSX/P3D, (3) MSFS default?
    1. HornetAircraft's Avatar
      HornetAircraft -
      Quote Originally Posted by rooitou View Post
      Wonder what a side-by-side screenshot/video comparison will look like of (1) this, (2) ORBX in FSX/P3D, (3) MSFS default?
      I flew it in MSFS and it is way nicer looking, but not everyone can afford a PC to run MSFS. this scenery looks very good as well especially for FS9. i'm still an FS9 flier myself
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